Fahrenheit 451 and Minority Report

Fahrenheit 451 and Minority Report

The book Fahrenheit 451 and the film Minority Report are similar in several methods such as the primary characters, they both change there opinions in the end and the innovation. The main character in Fahrenheit 452 and Minority Report are comparable in many methods. In Minority Report, John breaks his job and very same with Guy. John goes against the pre-crime while Guy breaks burning the books. They both have household problems.

John got a divorce with his better half and lost his child while Guy and his other half never talk to each other about there feelings. In the start of both Fahrenheit 451 and minority report they were both with what they’re jobs were however in the end they had various viewpoints. In Fahrenheit 451 he was for burning all the books however then as the story unfolds he alters his viewpoint and is against it. He thinks that it is wrong to burn the books due to the fact that the books have viewpoints.

In minority report he was for the pre-crime and the per-cogs then he goes against it since of the truth that in the future he eliminates some one so he believes that there a minority and steals a pre-cog. Fahrenheit 451 and Minority Report are both embeded in the future so they have similar innovation. In both stories the innovation wasn’t best. In Fahrenheit 451 there was the mechanical hound, parlour walls and ear seashells. The parlor walls and the ear seashells are flawed due to the fact that they were an alternate truth to the people in this book.

They didn’t care about anything that was taking place unless they specified it. The new innovation in Minority report was the pre-cogs. The defects of the pre-cogs were that even though they showed a murder, there could have been a minority report and the murder wouldn’t have really taken place. Because of this pre-crime stopped. As you can see there are numerous similarities between the motion picture Minority Report and the book Fahrenheit 451

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