Fahrenheit 451, Composed by Ray Bradbury, Shows a Futuristic Society

Fahrenheit 451

The unique, Fahrenheit 451, composed by Ray Bradbury, shows a futuristic society of the United States as being an emotionless, inhumane society. The society provided as emotionless, but the federal government tries to make everyone pleased. Bradbury utilizes absence of feeling concept, which is revealed through their actions and their relationships with people, to reveal that care is required for the creation of a humane and serene society. Mildred, like lots of others are part of the society where they have no feelings or compassion towards others.

When Montag tries to choose if he needs to go to the firehouse or not, he has an urge to “smash things and kill things” and Mildred recommends to go “out in the nation. You struck rabbits, in some cases you hit canines” (Bradbury 64). Montag, in addition to Mildred have no compassion, and are willing to eliminate in order to feel better, showing that they are inhumane since they are prepared to take someone’s life away, even if it is an animal. Montag is almost made a victim of unhumane people when a “wild beetle cut and swerved out … they would have eliminated me … for no reason at all” (128 ).

The individual driving the cars and truck would have killed him having no reason to, implying that he has no grace on others. Montag would have passed away if he had actually not fallen, not have been worried, like lots of others in the society, because he is a common person living in the society. Lives would be spared if only individuals had more care towards one another. A child that matures in a violent household and has a bad relationship with their moms and dads, ends up violent themselves; producing a chain of aggressive parents, and for that reason bad families.

Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles, which are examples of bad moms and dads, come by to the Montag family and claim that “‘nobody in his ideal mind … would have kids! ‘… ‘The world must reproduce … Besides, they in some cases look much like you, and that’s good … They ‘d simply as quickly kick as kiss me … I can settle back! ‘” (96 ). This shows that moms and dads and their children do not have any nostalgic relationship, or any at all because they do not even care for each other.

The kids will likewise be violent with their kids and so forth, making the entire society violent and devastating. Clarisse, who is a trainee herself, informs Montag that her schoolmates typically go to the “Enjoyable Park to bully individuals around, break windowpanes … or wreak automobiles” (30 ). The actions of the students, reveal that they are violent, since they do not have a healthy relationship with their parents; otherwise their houses would be filled with “laughter” (17 ), such as Clarisse’s house, and Clarisse s even “afraid of kids” (30) her age, due to the fact that they “eliminate each other” (30 ). Bradbury utilizes lack of feeling motif, which is shown in through their actions and their relationships with people, to show that there need to be some feelings to have a serene and gentle society. There needs to be some love and care, for there to be a calm society. If no one cared about any one else then there would be damage, and no peace.

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