Epigraph in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

Epigraph in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

!.?. !? Task: What does the epigraph mean and why did Bradbury pick it? How is it relevant to Bradbury’s life? After checking out both Gerald Jonas’ short article for The New york city Times about Ray Bradbury’s life and Bradbury’s own book, Fahrenheit 451, it can be determined that Bradbury has a very active creativity and a noticeably imaginative nature. The Juan Ramon Jimenez quote that he chose for the epigraph in Fahrenheit 451, reveals his strong belief in individuality. To “write the other method,” is to be different, to be unique, and to question what you are told.

Bradbury picked this quote due to the fact that it’s essence symbolizes imagination, initial idea and uniqueness; these qualities to name a few embody much of Bradbury’s lead characters, including Person Montag, and appear to look like Bradbury himself. According to the short article “Ray Bradbury, Who Brought Mars to Earth With a Lyrical Mastery, Dies at 91,” Ray Bradbury had a lively character and a dazzling mind. His “creative and lyrical evocations of the future,” encouraged exactly the kind of creative thinking that this quote exemplifies.

Bradbury took the social norm and expanded upon it in a manner that made his works distinct. He questioned the morals of society and proposed fascinating predictions for the future, which held unfavorable connotations that were uncommon to the time period. His writing held a particular shock worth that is still obvious along with relevant even now– over 60 years later. Bradbury’s propensity for initial thought and outside package believing enabled him to produce some of the greatest literary masterpieces of all time, in the growing field of science fiction.

The metaphorical teachings and didactic trends present in Bradbury’s works, particularly Fahrenheit 451, are the products of his large imagination prove his talent for creative thinking. His propensity towards questioning the norm, pressing the limitation and presenting thought-provoking concepts demonstrate how the epigraph specifies him. Bradbury picked this quote because it is representative of him and his beliefs; if Bradbury was offered ruled paper, he would most definitely write the other method.

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