Dramatic irony in Of Mice and Men

Remarkable irony in Of Mice and Guy

The significant irony in Of Mice and Male is that George eliminates Lennie due to the fact that of their friendship. George eliminates Lennie to spare him from an even worse death. George complained about Lennie and his problems, but recognizes his value only after his death. When Lennie is dead, George loses the weight of responsibility Lennie caused him, but he is also lonely. Also, Lennie and George’s dream to own their own farm that is performed throughout the novel dissapears with Lennie’s death. George and Lennie dream of owning a little farm of ten acres with a windmill, a little shack, an orchard and lots of animals.

The dream keeps them going and makes their work much easier but also solidifies their relationship. The dream that leads them on will pass away with Lennie’s death. The dream of Lennie and George is one of the kinds of American Dream popular in American fiction. Their dream is that of wealth and land, the desire for a home, and to work their own land. For Lennie in specific it is to have duty for when, to look after the bunnies, and to lastly have a sense of self worth. Yet the irony in Of Mice and Men is that the dream appears a mirage, it will not be accomplished.

George and Lennie attempt to deny their social class and function on the planet, however the result will prove this dream to be unreachable. George and Lennie only own their arms and the friendship between them. Lennie’s retardation causes irony in the book. Despite the truth that Lennie is fundamentally good, a grown kid, he damages those that surround him. This can be seen when he kills the mouse due to the fact that he stroked it too hard. Yet, the killing of the mouse was triggered by his love for it, and his liking its soft fur.

Likewise, he kills the pup, and ultimately Curley’s wife. All these acts occur not due to hatred or the intentional desire to harm, but due to his childish love, and love for the mouse, the puppy and Curley’s better half. Lennie is simply too sluggish to recognize his own strength and his retardation is the reason for his death. Regardless of the fact George attempted to keep him out of difficulty, Lennie eventually puts himself in a situation from which he can not be conserved. All Lennie can do is kill him to prevent him a worse fate. Ironically, it is also like that causes Lennie’s death.

George eliminates him to conserve him from linching. And once again, their is paradox in George’s circumstance at the end of the book. Despite the weight Lennie was to his pal, because of to his psychological retardation, George is alone and lonesome at the end of the book. Through these feelings he recognizes the worth of his relationship with Lennie, that was greater than the problems caused by his retardation however that still caused his death. Isolation troubles many characters in Of Mice and Guy, including Sweet, Crooks, Curley’s spouse, and Slim.

Their desire for human company makes them human and makes George and Lennie unselfish and good in their relationship that is more powerful than their social condition. In Of Mice and Men, the essential irony is that no matter how elaborately George and Lennie plan their future, and regardless of how strongly they hope and dream their strategy wil not happen. George and Lennie are forced to work the land of others, dreaming for the day they will own their own farm. They strive to reach their dream, yet the impacts of Lennie’s retardation, despite him being excellent, will cause them not to attain their dream.

George and Lennie’s friendship is what makes them distinct, yet did not stop their unfortunate destiny. Despite the truth that Lennie is a weight for George, George always winds up protecting him but can not do anything to save him in the end and his required to eliminate him. He eliminates him for love and this is another component of irony in Of Mice and Guy. But once Lennie is dead, George is lonesome and in spite of his attachement to his dream of owning a farm he needs to realize his dream has actually died with Lennie, since it was their dream, not his own.

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