Dorian Gray Persuasive

Dorian Gray Persuasive In my opinion a person’s external appearance does not always show who he/she is within. The number of times have you believed someone acted and lived a specific way just by looking at them, but then got proven wrong after being familiar with them? The number of times have you believed someone looked extremely unapproachable but turned out to in fact be the reverse? What a person appears like on the outside might be entirely different from their personality. There are individuals worldwide that have brilliant colored hair and skin filled with ink and piercings.

The majority of people view those kinds of people to be aggressive and weird with no goals in life however in all honesty they might be successful with massive hearts filled with generosity. Although there are individuals who tend to present how they live or what type of person they are by their appearance, there are many people who do the opposite. The concept of making yourself look like the opposite of who you really are could be difficult to comprehend but people do that simply due to the fact that they can and choose to.

For example, in the novel “The Image of Dorian Gray” the primary character produces the impression that he is innocent and safe because of his good appearances, when in reality he contains an ominous mind and can be very harsh at times. The characters in the story hear lots of awful rumors that Dorian Gray indulges in dark, sordid habits; though when they see him they dismiss all the awful things they find out about him because his charming looks makes them feel a sense of “purity” towards him.

A person’s physical look might make one’s mind think that they know how that person acts in life. People are frequently misjudged even if they use tight clothing, have tattoos, baggy jeans, crazy hair, and so on. It’s unfair that this happens but that is simply the method society is. We may believe we understand someone simply by looking at them but in reality we really will have no concept how they act or live their life till we actually learn more about that person. Never judge a book by its cover.

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