Dorian Gray Essay

The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay There are specific elements of Dorian Gray’s character that make me think he is schizophrenic, such an example is split personalities. In the beginning of the story, Dorian was a young, attractive kid with cunning wit and a semi-feminine appeal. It was just a regular day and all of the unexpected, Dorian satisfies Basil Howard.

Enamored with his good looks, the beauty of Dorian struck Basil like a Mata bus. As Basil started painting a photo of Dorian, he met Lord Henry, a close buddy of Basil and he too was struck by Dorian in a different way.

He had interests of studying him instead of admiring him. Lastly, Basil finishes the image and in the very first two chapters of the book and in one paragraph, you have satisfied three contributions of Dorian’s conscience: the painting, Lord Henry Wotton, and Basil Howard. The painting was an obvious representation of Dorian’s conscience in my viewpoint since as his soul grew weaker, as did his conscience. As Dorian aged, he became wicked and he never ever believed for himself, he either embraced Lord Henry’s views or Basil’s.

Dorian clearly listened to Lord Henry more since in the long run, he became evil. “It had, possibly, served frequently as a pall for the dead. Now it was to hide something that had a certain corruption of its own, worse than the corruption of death itself– something that would reproduce scaries and yet would never pass away” (Wilde 122). According to the bible, your soul is never-ceasing and I believe Dorian is revealing this in his ideas. In this quote, Dorian wants to cover his conscience and his soul to avoid listening to it.

The portrait represents his constant unpleasant conscience and bad decisions he has actually made in the past. Lord Henry and Basil Howard were the excellent angel (Basil) and bad angel (Lord Henry) on Dorian’s shoulder. Lord Henry constantly attempted to speak aphorisms and mentioned himself as a greater power, such as: “My dear young boy, no woman is a genius. Ladies are an ornamental sex. They never ever have anything to state, however they say it charmingly. Women represent the triumph of matter over mind, simply as men represent the accomplishment of mind over morals” (Wilde 51).

Lord Henry was always attempting to force his opinions into Dorian’s head and the sad thing was, he ate every word and practiced it in his life. Lord Henry represents the bad angel/conscience and it was also the side he listened to more frequently than any other. On the other hand, Basil represents the good angle/conscience. Throughout the book, Basil always attempted to guide Dorian in the ideal instructions. Dorian looked up to Basil in the beginning however, as his infatuation became more powerful with Lord Henry, the respect dwindled and Dorian listened less and less. The prayer of your pride has been answered. The prayer of your repentance will be addressed likewise. I worshiped you excessive. I am penalized for it” (Wilde 162). Even in a time of horror, Basil stood behind Dorian and attempted to help him in a difficult scenario but, Dorian did not listen and turned to the dark side when he stated: “Each of us has Paradise and Hell in him, Basil!” (Wilde 161). Dorian had actually lastly shut the door on his good conscience and killed him within minutes. In Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde is informing his readers it is more difficult to follow the much better side of your conscience.

There are lots of temptations to do the right and the incorrect thing and this story is an example of when you constantly make the incorrect choices. The ending of this story likewise showed the final bad choice when a modification is presented right in front of you and yet the weak character still follows a bad impact. Wilde is teaching us a lesson in life, to always follow your heart as you take in bad and great impacts. Functions Cited Wilde, Oscar. The Image of Dorian Gray. New York: Barnes & & Noble, 2003.

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