Destructive Forces in The Crucible

Damaging Forces in The Crucible

In “The Crucible,” playwright Arthur Miller illustrates a tale of very appealing forces any typical person can possess. He highlights a photo of qualities individuals have created due to the Salem Witch Trials. An analysis of the characteristics shows themes of, jealousy, greed, and revenge. Throughout the years, greed has actually made people desire for more than they really need. It has actually made honest individuals corrupt and senseless and it gradually cripples our generation today. In regards to The Crucible, there are lots of examples to support the case of greed.

For one, Abigail show’s a fantastic amount of lust and greed when she willingly implicates Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft just to wed John. As show in the text, Abigail states, “She is blackening my name in the town! She is informing lies about me! She is a cold sniveling lady, and you bend to her! Though Abigail makes these claims, she is incorrectly implicating her due to the fact that she envies her and John’s relationship. Another supporting interest for greed is the way Reverend Parris portrays when he is more concerned with his credibility rather than the wellness of Salem.

As Reverend Parris states in the first scene, “There is a faction that is sworn to drive me from my pulpit. Do you understand that He is notifying Abigail that he is stressed over his status as reverend and might perhaps be driven from a faction causing him to lose his position. As well as the strong desire for greed in The Crucible, there is also a firm craving for revenge likewise. Revenge has actually ended up being the foundation for the basis of people’s judgments and conclusions.

They feel as if they do not have some kind of closure, they can not make peace with whatever has actually disobeyed them. In relation to the play, it can be shown that Putnam’s use of vengeance over Rebecca Nurse due to the death of their seven kids. As Thomas Putnam pleas in the text, he specifies, “For murder, she’s charged! For magnificent and supernatural murder of Goody Putnam’s infants. This depicts the hatred and grudges Putnam holds against individuals of Salem and the lack of knowledge he has versus Rebecca Nurse.

Also showing an example of vengeance is the accusations Giles Corey made about Thomas Putnam. Giles says, “Thomas Putnam is reaching out for land! He is explaining Thomas’ real intentions to acquire wealth and land over the people of Salem. In addition to vengeance and greed, Jealousy plays a substantial role in the play also. Jealousy is specified as the jealous or extreme crave for another’s benefits. Connecting to the very first topic of greed, there is a considerable trace of jealousy with Abigail and John Proctor.

As she states in the play, “Oh, I marvel such strong man might let such a sickly better half be-“Abigail shows her true colors, as she make these incorrect remarks worrying Elizabeth simply to win over John. Another example of jealousy in The Crucible is the animosity Elizabeth reveals prior to her revealing John’s affair. As stated in the play, Elizabeth states, “Then go and tell her she’s a whore. Whatever guarantee she might notice break it, John, break it. Due to her jealousy, this causes Elizabeth to link Abigail as a slut.

She is attempting to break whatever sensations Abigail may have for John. Concluding the style of jealousy, the damaging forces greed and vengeance also correlate with each other. It is somewhat amusing the method the main style of these forces corresponds together. In retrospection, The Crucible has actually presented many styles of deception and selfishness. These consist of: greed, revenge, and jealousy. The forces of the play show really relatable traits of the world and society today. You can easily discover these routines through history, religion, and the typical everyday human being.

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