Declaration of Independence and I Have a Dream Essay

Thomas Jefferson’s “Declaration” and Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” are texts that have a common denominator: the pursuit of liberty. Although both files do not focus their context in the same historical minute, both have considerably influenced the history of the United States. Particularly, Jefferson’s function with the “Declaration of Independence” was to knock the offenses suffered at the hands of Excellent Britain and to finally state their absolute self-reliance, sovereignty and liberty.

On the other hand, Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have a Dream” exhorts people to end the discrimination towards Negroes and lastly, their liberty.

In the “Declaration”, Jefferson utilizes a very clear and succinct language. He utilized this powerful language in order to use it as an instrument of social and political modification. His wordplay is a really persuasive and strong one. The language of the “Declaration of Independence” is more complex since it is a file written in 1776 and some of the words composed in it are not used so typically today.

In the speech “I Have a Dream”, Martin Luther King likewise used words of strong undertone. It is a speech composed primarily in the form of sermon, which is affected by King, who served as a Baptist clergyman. Both texts employ a highly convincing language that is generally directed to their particular audiences. When we evaluate the “Declaration”, we can realize that Jefferson makes a list of declarations to prove the outright Tyranny, which is present over the States. He utilizes these to encourage and persuade the audience.

Likewise, he duplicates expressions such as “He has …” and “For …” to emphasize the truths he exists. Generally, the “Declaration” is a deductive argument, a kind which begins with a principle and is followed by details, examples, and reasoning. Lastly, “I Have a Dream” is the union of numerous literary strategies. King’s use of repeating in phrases like “I have a dream …” and “Let liberty ring …” emphasize the yearnings of Negroes and present what they primarily look for. It is a work which alludes to the “Declaration”.

It also has great deals of metaphors and analogies. The “Declaration of Independence” focuses its material first in its preamble, in which are written the most important and fundamental concepts of the Declaration. Then, it is followed by a list of charges versus the King of Great Britain, which are directed to demonstrate his tyranny among the States. The conclusion says that they need to prevent such tyranny and declare that they have their sovereignty and for that reason, their freedom. “I Have a Dream” primarily concentrates on the problem of the disenfranchisement of Negroes and the admonition to change.

Is a social proposition, a spectacular and inspiring speech in its content. Lastly, we conclude that there are more resemblances in between the “Declaration” and “I Have a Dream” than differences. They are texts that encourage the masses to go into and begin social motions in order to fight for their rights. These are motivating and encouraging texts that show the sensation of the huge bulks in the United States. Manufacturing, the language is intricate and compelling, both are full of literary methods, and the content is social, and aimed at the masses in order to pursuit their liberty.

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