Death of a Salesman Quiz 4

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  6. wife healing her stockings?< input type =" radio" name=" question [5] worth=" because he
    will repent to go out with her if she uses them”
  • 5] worth=” since the task is menial and shows improperly on him “> due to the fact that the task is menial and reflects inadequately on him
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  • ” value=” twenty-five”
  • 10].” worth=” thirty “> thirty< input type=" radio" name =" question [

  • type=” radio” name=” concern [11] value=” Miller’s better half” >

    Miller’s wife< input type=" radio" name

    =” concern [11]

  • value=” Miller’s daddy” > Miller’s father Miller’s uncle 13 Who takes advantage of himself in the play?< input type= "radio" name=" concern [
  • =”
  • Biff’s” >

  • Frank’s. Willy’s. 15 Why does Willy think that Howard should cut him some slack? he is friends with Biff. he named him. he was pals with his father. he is buddies with Happy. 16 A valise is a piece of clothes. a small piece of dental work. a set of drawers. a small piece of hand travel luggage. 17 Willy is best referred to as exacting. mercurial. repentant. merciful. 18 Which Loman boy is older? Bernard. Howard. Delighted. Biff. 19 Who is the Madonna figure of the play? Biff’s better half. Miss Forsythe. The Woman. Linda. 20 At the end of the play, the Lomans do not own a house. an automobile. a company. a plot of land at the burial site. 21 Where did Willy turn around on his newest trip? New Mexico. Yonkers. Boston. Mexico. 22 The Woman implicates Willy of ruining her. not weding her. not paying enough cash for her. impregnating her. 23 What took place to Willy in Yonkers? he saw his dad. he almost killed himself. he was fired. he almost drove into somebody. 24 Who took away the rubber tube attached to the gas heating system? Linda. Willy. Biff. Charley. 25 With what did Ben make his fortune? silver. gold. emeralds. diamonds.

    June 7, 2020

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