Death of a Salesman Character List


Willy Loman

A sixty years of age salesperson living in Brooklyn, Willy Loman is a gregarious, mercurial man with powerful goals to success. However, after thirty-five years working as a traveling salesperson throughout New England, Willy Loman feels beat by his lack of success and difficult family life. Although he has a devoted better half, his relationship with his oldest kid, Biff, is strained by Biff’s continuous failures. As a salesman, Willy Loman focuses on personal details over actual steps of success, believing that it is personality and not high returns that garner success in business world.

Biff Loman

The thirty-four years of age child of Willy Loman, Biff was when a star high school professional athlete with a scholarship to UVA. But he never participated in college nor graduated from high school, after declining to go to summer school to comprise a failed mathematics class. He did this mainly out of spite after learning that his daddy was having an affair with a lady in Boston. Ever since, Biff has been a continuous failure, stealing at every task and even hanging out in prison. Despite his failures and anger toward his daddy, Biff still has terrific issue for what his daddy thinks about him, and the dispute between the 2 characters drives the narrative of the play.

Linda Loman

The devoted, obedient wife to Willy and mom of Biff and Happy, Linda Loman is the a single person who supports Willy Loman, despite his frequently remiss treatment of her. She is a female who has actually aged considerably due to the fact that of her tough life with her hubby, whose hallucinations and unpredictable habits she competes with alone. She is the moral center of the play, sometimes stern and not scared to confront her sons about their poor treatment of their father.

Delighted Loman

The younger of the 2 Loman sons, Delighted Loman is relatively content and effective, with a consistent profession and none of the obvious marks of failure that his older sibling displays. Delighted, nevertheless, is not content with his more steady life, since he has actually never ever risked failure or pursued any real measure of success. Delighted is a compulsive womanizer who treats ladies simply as sex things and has little respect for the lots of females whom he seduces.


The Lomans’ next door next-door neighbor and dad of Bernard, Charley is a good entrepreneur, exhibiting the success that Willy is not able to attain. Although Willy declares that Charley is a man who is “liked, but not favored,” he owns his own service and is appreciated and appreciated. He and Willy have a contentious relationship, but Charley is nonetheless Willy’s only friend.


Bernard is Charley’s only son. He is intelligent and industrious however lacks the gregarious personality of either of the Loman sons. It is this lack of spirit that makes Willy think that Bernard will never be a real success in the business world, however Bernard proves himself to be far more successful than Willy imagined. As a full-grown, he is an attorney preparing to argue a case in front of the Supreme Court.


Willy’s older sibling, Ben left house at seventeen to find their daddy in Alaska, but ended up in Africa, where he discovered diamond mines and came out of the jungle at twenty-one an exceptionally abundant male. Although Ben died several weeks before the time at which the play is set, he typically appears in Willy’s hallucinations, bring a valise and umbrella. Ben represents the great success for which Willy has actually constantly hoped but can never ever seem to accomplish.

Howard Wagner

The thirty-six year old kid of Frank Wagner, Willy Loman’s previous boss, Howard now inhabits the very same position as his late father. Although Willy was the one who called Howard, Howard is required to fire Willy for his erratic habits. Howard is preoccupied with technology; when Willy consults with his brand-new employer, he invests the majority of the conference showing his new wire recorder.


Stanley is the waiter at the restaurant where Willy meets his kids. He assists Willy home after Biff and Pleased leave their daddy there.

The Lady

An assistant in a business in Boston with which Willy operates, this nameless character has a continuing affair with Willy. The Female claims that Willy destroyed her and did not measure up to his pledges to her. When Biff finds the Lady in Willy’s hotel room, he begins his course of self-destructive habits.

Miss Forsythe

An appealing young woman at the dining establishment, who serves the play by enabling Delighted to demonstrate his womanizing and seduction habits.

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