Death of a Salesman Reaction Essay

Death of a Salesperson

Death of a salesperson Theater Reaction Essay # 2- “Death of A Salesperson” For Theatre Action Essay # 2, I picked to enjoy “Death Of A Salesperson” by playwright Arthur Miller, directed by Paul Wickline. I saw the performance at the College Of The Canyons Carrying Out Arts Center on Sunday April 2nd, 2011. “Death of A Salesperson” was written in the 1949 and had a 742 efficiency run. This play is so world known that it has actually gone from the stage to the theater.

Wickline and this production did an incredible task bringing Miller’s ideals to the stages of College of The Canyons, and the style and overall tone came shining through. The acting and actors capability to represent the inner turmoil of each one of the Loman relative and present the audience with the general ethical dilemma was on target. With Aristotle’s parts of theater in hand, I had the ability to evaluate and detail each of the 6 elements. The plot was of an old washed-up salesman who made life choices that left him without any irretrievability, thus making him a real awful character.

This life of striving to reach the American Dream by being “liked” ruined his life, his household, and his self-confidence. The characters in “Death of A Salesperson” communicated the individual they were representing in such a method that you as an audience member feel precisely what they were feeling. The theme the playwright tries to convey is that material wealth does not make you happy. Being a clone to the “Joneses” next door just brought Willy anguish and damaged the extremely structure of his family. The language and outfits of the play was

Weiss 2 extremely middle class America. At first glimpse you tend to believe the costumes were bland, however it assists produce the feeling of dread, anguish and total failure. In focusing in on characters, I feel the stars and the director did an incredible job. The blocking and company on phase were really realistic and a sign of the time. When reflecting to the days of old, sports and being the star of the group, the director plainly demonstrated the period with what the audience saw on phase.

The playwright and Norman Snow put such despair in Loman that you not just pitied Willy however you also were upset for him not realizing his stupidity. Being performed in a proscenium theater was a plus. It provided the audience the “fly on the wall” sensation so they had the ability to move with Willy and his household from an outsider point of view. With this setting in mind, it was easier to see what concepts and feelings the director was attempting to communicate. He selected to have lighting that was very little to show the misery and the underlying tone of darkness.

The darkness in Willy’s heart, the idea his family was doomed, the deceptiveness towards Linda was so vibrant in not just the acting, but the sets, costumes, and lighting also. All in all, “Death of A Salesperson” by playwright Arthur Miller carried out at College of The Canyons by Paul Wickline effectively accomplished it mission. The production tried to reveal the horrors of pursuing materialistic wealth and how it turned a when uplifted guy into the awful flop Willy passed away as.

The American Dream was so dominating in the 1940’s and 1950’s that it turned the country into cookie cutter families from cloned worlds. Wickline and the cast revealed the life as it remained in the 40’s and 50’s from a realistic viewpoint rather than an overly theatrical point of view. With realism in Weiss 3 mind the production along with the playwright did a rewarding endeavor in bringing audiences from the 21st century back to the days of old and into the life of our awful hero, Willy Loman.

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