Critique Oedipus Rex

Yair Lopez Prof. Madara 2/27/2012 Section 07 Critique of Oedipus Rex Is Oedipus Rex among the most important pieces of literature of all time? This Athenian disaster was composed by Sophocles and was first performed in 449 BC. This piece has to do with a king called Oedipus who in the course of the story discovers that he killed his daddy and married his mother.

I delighted in a great deal of parts of this story especially when he decided you leave Corinth since he was told about the prediction and when he was fretted about the Thebe’s citizens and wanted to do anything possible to end their suffering; nevertheless I was not too ecstatic about the ending of the story. The Story started with Oedipus being surrounded by Thebes’s citizens who were suffering because of an afflict that was attacking their area. In order for the pester to be gone an oracle stated that the killer of Laius need to be eliminated.

In a long mission to discover Laius’s murderer Tiresias, a blind prophet, exposes to Oedipus that he is the one that killed Laius, who is his daddy, and married Jocasta, his mother. When they lastly learnt that the prediction was right, Jocasta killed herself and Oedipus took his eyes off. This would sum up crucial parts of this traditional piece. Among the important things I liked in this story is the choice of Oedipus of leaving his hometown Corinth because he thought that way he was going to secure the ones he believed who were his parents (942-957).

I personally appreciated this character’s decision since it is challenging to leave your hometown with the people you like for their own safety. If I was in Oedipus’s circumstance I truly wouldn’t knew what to do. He showed that he is the type of individual that does whatever it considers the security of their love ones and an individual with the mentality need to be praised. This is among the events I liked one of the most in this work of art. Another occasion that I took pleasure in was when he cared about his citizens and wanted the plague to be over to end their suffering (249-320).

Not too many kings are understood for their caring and consideration of their own people, but Oedipus proved that he is not the stereotypical vicious king and he wanted to do everything he could to end his individuals’s suffering. Nowadays we have in some countries presidents that really appreciate neither the health nor the life of their residents. In my opinion, in order to be an exceptional leader, that individual should care about their people jus like if they were their own household and Oedipus in this is the ideal example of an admirable and honorable leader.

With leaders like him this world would be a much better location. This occasion is the one I most like about this story since we do not see too many king worrying about their individuals like Oedipus did. In every story there belongs that the reader either doesn’t like or knows that something could be better. In my viewpoint, completion of the story might be a lot better than what it is. The story ends with Jocasta dedicating suicide and Oedipus taking his eyes off (1475-1586). Throughout the whole story I was thinking about how will the story end and was impatiently waiting to check out the ending of the story.

When I finished reading the story I was dissatisfied and I started believing in much better endings that this story might have. Every story is constantly recognized in the way it ends because that’s the part that the reader is constantly waiting for and the whole reason we read the whole piece is to knoe completion of all the drama. With this being stated, a much better ending of this story in my viewpoint would change this from a great to an excellent literary piece. This was the only thing I did not like about the story, however sadly for me the ending is the most fundamental part of the story.

In conclusion, Oedipus Rex is an extremely entertaining and enjoyable piece of literature who could be a little better by simply putting more effort and imagination. The answer to the concern specified in the introduction is that is certainly one of the best literary pieces ever, however the best of all time is excessive for it. However, if I needs to suggest a book this one will lack a doubt among my considerations, specifically to a political leader, even though I know they will be disappointed with the ending of it. Work Pointed Out Page Oedipus Rex. Vol. 1. Ed. Peter Simon. 2nd ed. New York City, NY: W. W. Norton & & Company Inc., 1956. 570-613. Print.

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