Context/Characterization of Frankenstein & Blade Runner

Context/Characterization of Frankenstein & & Blade Runner

CONTEXT: Frankenstein Biographical Context: Mary Shelley * Moms and dads renowned for their writing– intellectual thinkers of their day. * Mother was a feminist who argued against gender inequity * Daddy was known mostly for his works on the French revolution * Both experienced dissatisfied affairs * Shelley studied & & published work of both her moms and dads from a young age * Her literary background/parental influence motivated her to act outside social expectations, ahead of her times, non-conservative & & obstacles prevailing social conservationism Literary Context Composed throughout Romantic period. * Recommendations to ‘Paradise Lost’ cause questions about the nature of identity * Common conventions & & designs of gothic literature popular at the time * Concept of Frankenstein from a holiday in Switzerland 1816 with Lord Byron and Claire Clairmont * Concept of monster rose from a terrifying problem * Ideas produced when peak of creativity and expedition of their identity and worths Knowledge Age: 16th– 17th C * Education launched the very best virtues of mankind Individuality was formed by efficiency, reason, approach and science * Application of factor to the understanding of humanity and society * An extension of science & & mathematics eg. Newton: Gravitation/Laws of Motion * Revolutionary views of humanity, society, politics Romanticism: 18th– 19th C * Changed the standard theory, a focus & & style of poetry * Shunned the world of cold reasoning, favoured imagination to access to our deeper senses or soul * Direct rebellion versus Knowledge * Nature was a primary source of motivation A medium of visionary knowledge * Has specific religious message that replaces conventional religious beliefs Gothic: 18th C * Developed in response to main directions in culture and civilisation * Concern of the Enlightenment was accompanied by a new direction towards sensation, intensity, melancholy, wilderness, ruin and a new sense of superb * Sinister & & derelict settings, supernatural, stories of secret, blood & & gore. Novel has bloody murders, graveyards and charnel home * Revenge is a typical theme * Doppelganger: Victor and the Animal * Explores darker side of humankind inary opposites: love/hate, justice/injustice, man/monster, villain/hero Science & & Inventions: The Revolution * Galvanism: Galvani found that muscle and afferent neuron produce electrical power (phenomenon was dubbed) * Volta: physicist established very first battery, proved electrical energy could travel through wires * Growing interest in natural science, experiments electrical power and alchemy * Start of Industrial Revolution (new innovations, tools, equipment) * Expansion to exploration and discovery (mission for understanding and experience CONTEXT: Blade Runner * Based on P. Penis’s novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep? 1969 what separated guy from machines? VN War: The ethical concerns it raised as soldiers were brutalised and desensitised after the killing. * Downhearted view of future world describe by the remarkable changes the world was going through in the 80’s * Scott’s world is of a natural world devastated by innovation, population explosions, pollution and consumerism. * Natural world is non-existent, the wealthy can buy it or leave. * Make controlled organisation rules the world, individuals had a hard time to endure. The 80’s * Worldwide Warming was discovered * Logging was a key issue * Gap beChtween abundant & & bad increased quickly Development of multi-national corporations promoting consumerism * Technology began to invade individuals’s lives * PC’S in households in first world nations * Scott’s vision is an extension of this world CHARACTERS: Frankenstein Developer: Victor Frankenstein * Narrator throughout a lot of the story * A gothic figure, disillusioned * Desire to obtain god-like power * Moms and dads indulged him, their loved just kid * Captivated by the unknown, motivated by works of alchemists, natural thinkers & & electrical power * “Curiosity” & & desire “to permeate the secrets of nature/hidden laws of nature. * Sympathy when hears the monster’s story” His words had an unusual result on me.” But short lived * Regret & & hatred co-exists “I. however in impact was the true killer.” “I felt I had actually dedicated some excellent crime” * Fixation left him a “shattered wreck” * Does not have moral stability and wrongfully concludes that his mission is to ruin the animal was “assigned to me by Paradise” * Insensitive to anybody’s suffering however his own * The roles of creator leads to his own self damage * Loss of control on creation– revengeful creation

Developed: The Creature * Put together from old body parts, chemicals and animated by a “strange trigger” * Second half of book: stress with animal * Victor’s inhumanity contrasts to the remorse of the creature * Through his eyes and feelings that we respond to his story * Man’s ruthlessness denied human friendship * Loneliness made him bitter * Did not request life. “Despiteful day when I received life!” * Confusion clear by the rhetorical questions he asks as he looks for the significance to his life “who was I? What was I? What is my location? * Share’s maker’s quality of determination: belief that language was a “god-like science” * Victor is blind while reader can see beyond external appearance * Learns about household love, respect and the fundamental codes of morality and virtue broadens his understanding of human nature & & relationships CHARACTER: Blade Runner Developer: Tyrell * Controller of the Tyrell Corp. * Pleased With Achievements and Roy– “The light that burns twice as brilliant burns half as long” * Total faith in his power * Loses control over his own production since of their 4 year life span * Proof of desertion lanted memories– doesn’t give life to them * Victim of his own overconfidence, development and power * Reveals no similar features that the replicants have eg. emotions * He is an idea of science and power gone too far * The temple-like buildings that house Tyrell seems as if he has set himself up as god. Produced: Rachael * Described as an ‘experiment’ * Has issues with pertaining to terms that her memories are not her own, understanding that she is being ended * Is in a dilemma over her identity. Tried to constantly show she is human through photos * “Did you ever take it Deckard?– Doesn’t wish to be alone * Loss of identity when fact is understood * Her and Deckard’s relationship shows human side of Deckard feeling that Rachael reveals reminds us that replicants are more human Created: Roy * Given mental/physical levels above those of humankind * Trying it discover a service to his termination date survival is key * Utilizes his mind in addition to his body * “Can the maker repair what he makes?” * Extremely smart beats Tyrell in a chess video game * Reveals more emotions & & level of sensitivity than humans * Qualities of love & & empathy but likewise hate & & revenge

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