Comparison Between of Mice and Men and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

They both have similar qualities that relate in each story. In Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, the time period is embeded in the 1930s. In the motion picture Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, it is set more in the contemporary times.

The characters act and are similar in a great deal of methods. Gilbert is a teen that is having a hard time to support his household after his daddy killed himself. Gilbert associates with George because they are both constantly having to take care of another person.

George is constantly having to look after Lennie. Lennie is likewise a psychologically handicapped man who is the reason they are in problem most of the time. Lennie and Arnie are precisely the same.They both have a “fatherly” figure that is constantly there to look after them and they both are detected with mentally retardation. Although the time duration is various, both stories follow along with the same plot. They both are dealing with living in a depressing world and constantly trying to find chances for work. Betty Carver is a married mom of 2 kids who is lonely.

Her other half is a sales male and is considered mean. They connect to Curley and his spouse. Curley is a land owner and is in charge of the workers. Curley’s better half is always looking for attention but is not somebody you wish to mess around with.They both are seducing more youthful guys which in the end turns out to be difficulty. Bonnie, the mom of the grape household, is struggling with being morbidly overweight and widowed. She is made fun of and teased when seen.

She advises me of Scoundrel. Scoundrel is a black man who is put down because of his color. He doesn’t like to be around anybody he does not understand. In the end, both George and Gilbert need to make a huge choice. George needs to either killer Lennie or run away again and Gilbert needs to either let his mother be humiliated by being raised out by a crane or burn the house down with her inside of it.

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