Comparing Propaganda Used in Animal Farm to the Russian Revolution’s Propaganda

Comparing Propaganda Utilized in Animal Farm to the Russian Transformation’s Propaganda

Kieya Brewer Mrs. Shusta Accelerated English 9 22 December 2011 Comparing Propaganda Utilized in Animal Farm to the Russian Revolution’s Propaganda “Propaganda is a narrowly self-centered effort to get individuals to accept ideas and beliefs, constantly in the interest of a specific person or group and with little or no benefit to the public (“What is Propaganda … 2). Propaganda is the dispersing of ideas, details, or rumor for the function of helping or hurting an organization, a cause, or a person. In the Russian Revolution Joseph Stalin used propaganda to his benefit and used it to usurp the people of Russia.

Also how Napoleon utilized propaganda to his advantage and to usurp the animals of Animal Farm. Napoleon got Fighter to follow him and Boxer helped spread out the propaganda, but Squealer was the propaganda itself (Orwell, George 56). Similar to how, Joseph Stalin got common people to follow him and he got them to spread it. Fear, transfer, and determining the opponent are three propaganda strategies that are shared by the unique Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution. The first propaganda method is worry and it is utilized to terrify the animals of Animal Farm.

Napoleon utilizes fear by holding purges in which he accuses the animals of treason and kills anybody who confesses to dealing with Snowball. In the same method, Joseph Stalin uses fear by holding executions in which he accuses his opponents for crimes and requires them to confess to incorrect confessions and after that executes them (Background information …” 4). The executions are called the Great Terror of 1936 to 1939 and millions of people were killed (Joseph Stalin … 1). Another resemblance is how the pet dogs used worry to require the animals to work and in the Russian Transformation, the secret cops forced support for Joseph Stalin.

The pets would also intimidate or threaten any animal who stood in Napoleon’s method. The KGB or secret police would utilize force and would eliminate anybody for disobedience (Lamont, George J. 1). The 2nd propaganda strategy that is utilized is transfer. In Animal Farm, all of the animals are equal and that is what they call Animalism. Also, all individuals are equal in Communism, which is what was utilized throughout the Russian Transformation. In Animalism, the Animals own the farm and in Communism, the government owns everything and individuals own the government (Lamont, George J. 1).

Another resemblance is that the raven Moses informs the animals of Animal Farm about a location called Sugar Sweet Mountain which is where all animals go when they die (Orwell, George 17). Allegorically, this represents the Russian Orthodox religious beliefs throughout the Russian Transformation. When the pigs let Moses stay when he returns represents how Joseph Stalin utilized the Russian Orthodox Church as a way to raise funds for the Russian war effort throughout The second world war (“George Orwell … 1”). The 3rd and last propaganda strategy is identifying the enemy. In the book Animal Farm, Mr.

Jones is harsh towards the animals and in the Russian Revolution; Czar Nicholas II is ruthless with his challengers. Mr. Jones likewise abused and neglected his animals and Czar Nicholas II would let his people starve and was a bad leader (Lamont, George J. 2). Throughout the Battle of the Cowshed, Mr. Jones tries to gain back control of Animal Farm and that represents the Russian Civil War in which the Western capitalist federal governments sent soldiers to try to remove the Bolsheviks from power (George Orwell Links … 1). Another example of identifying the enemy is how Napoleon blames Animal Farm’s mishaps on Snowball and informed the animals that he was the opponent.

In the Russian Revolution, Joseph Stalin feared that the Trotsky advocates would attempt to assassinate him and he was likewise afraid of Trotsky acquiring power. Napoleon thought of Snowball as a hazard and drove him off of the farm and that represents Trotsky being banished to Mexico (“Background details … 16”). Then Joseph Stalin avoided Trotsky from the Soviet Union and then ultimately had him killed (“Joseph Stalin … 1”). Worry, transfer, and identifying the opponent are the 3 propaganda techniques that were talked about in this term paper. Worry is used to make a specific action take place or a repercussion will result of disobedience.

Transfer is used to make an attempt to make the subject view a specific product in the exact same way as they view another item to link the two subjects in the mind. Pinpointing the enemy is utilized to fix a dispute by providing an individual or group as the enemy. For that reason, the propaganda that was used during the Russian Transformation and Animal Farm had greatly affected the people of Russia and the animals of Animal Farm. Functions Cited “George Orwell-Animal Farm-Interpretation of characters and signs.” The Total Newspeak Dictionary. 7 December 2011 >.”Background details for George Orwell’s Animal Farm-George Orwell Links.” Charles’ George Orwell Links-Biographies, Essays, Novels, Reviews, Images. 11December 2011< Orwell, George. Animal Farm: a fairy story. New York, NY: Signet Classic, 1996. Print. What is Propaganda?: Defining Propaganda." American Historical Association. 15 December 2011 the Networks.”Discover the Networks. 15 December 2011. Borade, Gaynor. “Stalinism: The use of Propaganda by Joseph Stalin.”Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web. 15 December 2011.

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