Clover Of Animal Farm: Not Just Some Horse

Clover Of Animal Farm: Not Just Some Horse

Animal Farm is a distinct farm with a range of interesting characters. Clover is among these animals that reside on the farm. She is a motherly mare who creates relationships with lots of other animals. Clover is a carthorse, in addition to her friend Boxer. They pull the heavy weights that require strength on the farm. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm Clover is faithful, gentle, and has problem expressing her ideas in to words. Clover is one of the most devoted fans of Animalism on the farm. She is committed to the cause and insists on having the others accept these beliefs. Their most devoted disciples were the 2 carthorses, Fighter and Clover. These two had great problem in believing anything out on their own, however having as soon as accepted he pigs as their instructors, they soaked up everything they were told, and passed it on to the other animals by simple arguments (Page 37) She supports Animal Farm’s ideals and is always trying to help. Clover is loyal to the farm and the other animals. Her loyalty is a large part of her character. Clover is also really caring and shows compassion towards her buddies and comrades.

Clover In Animal Farm

Fighter is her closest buddy and she cares for him very much.

“The pigs had actually sent a large bottle of pink medication chest in the bathroom, and Clover administered it to Boxer two times a day after meals. At nights she lay in his stall and spoke with him? “

George Orwell, Page 122

Considering that Boxer is her closest buddy, Clover will do anything Boxer needs when he is not well. Simply to give a sick pal business shows how very caring she can be. Everyone values a caring person. Clover is a character that has difficulty expressing her ideas into words.

Although she has her own opinions, she keeps them to herself.

If she could have spoken her ideas, it would have been to state this was not what they had aimed at when they set themselves years ago to work for the overthrow of the human race? Such were her thoughts, though she lacked the words to express them”

George Orwell, Page 95

After experiencing the slaughter of their fellow animals, Clover and a number of the making it through animals huddle together to think. As she thinks of all that has actually happened, she realizes that trying to speak her thoughts is worthless. Clover understands that the farm does not appear ike such a marvelous place any longer. It is unfortunate that she can not vocalize these crucial thoughts. No other animal on the farm is as loyal, caring, and still bothered by his or her troubles of speaking as Clover is. The other animals on Animal Farm have their own qualities, however Clover is special. She is distinct and likewise hardworking. Clover might be considered the heart of the farm’s animals because she brings them together in her own way. Her buddies enjoy her company. She is an exceptional character that is frequently overlooked.

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