Characters in Trifles by Susan Glaspell

Characters in Trifles by Susan Glaspell

In the play “Trifles,” there are 4 characters, the Constable and his wife, the County Attorney, and Mr. and Mrs. Hale. This essay will be focusing on the County Lawyer and his arrogance and his lack of good sense and empathy. To start with, since the start, he did dislike the women consisting of Mrs. Wright herself, even if she was not there. The County Lawyer continuously grumbled how her home was unclean, for instance in the play it states how he argued about the ruined fruit preserves, and half clean half unpleasant table top and bread that has actually been overlooked of package.

The County Attorney felt the need to immediately think it was Mrs. Wright who eliminated her own partner, although there were no direct hints whether she did it or not, this plainly shows his conceit and his absence of compassion towards her. The Nation Attorney was also ill-mannered towards the women inside your home, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale. The County Attorney presents himself as a hard and major minded man towards the women, when in truth the women are more observant and find the proof the males completely missed.

With the County Attorney and Constable trying to be tough, the ladies feel in requirement to form ranks, this is what bonds Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale. This is another example of the County Lawyer absence of sound judgment. Nevertheless, if the County Attorney did not care a lot of his power over everyone, he may have discovered proof. It appears as if he is more concentrated on his control and empowerment of the group instead of discovering evidence that might prove Mrs. Wright was the killer.

He thought that Mrs. Wright was the murdered right when he strolled in the house, unfortunately, without an open mind, you can not think outside the box, which indicates the County Lawyer is really conceited, and uneducated. Because the females have more common sense than the County Attorney and the Constable, they found proof faster. Nevertheless, because they had compassion for Mrs. Wright in the past, they took the box with the dead bird to conceal the evidence in order to protect Mrs. Wright. This action likewise showed an act of loyalty between females back in the past in the act of defiance versus the patriarchal society in which males supervise over ladies.

The theme of the play is to demonstrate how ladies in the past had no power over the males. For instance, the rope that was utilized to kill Mr. Wright symbolizes Mrs. Wright trespassing of male power. Mrs. Wright murdered like a guy to show her equality between males and females. Regrettably, the County Attorney is an ideal example of the patriarchal society women had to face, and still do today. His aggressive actions towards the women made them end up being protective and forming ranks in between each other against the County Lawyer and Sheriff.

Another argument against the lack of sound judgment the County Lawyer has is how he states Mrs. Wright should not have the home making instinct, which Mrs. Hale instantly assaults him. The County lawyer is constantly insulting Mrs. Wright and her home rather of finding actual clues or proof. However, what the County Attorney fails to see, is how the lack of upkeep of the house can likewise mean the distressed life Mrs. Wright might have had with her spouse and his actions towards her. Although the Constable, and County Attorney consider themselves heavy handed detectives, it reveals they are not looking with their minds or eyes, however with the though of their over superiority over the women rather.

This reveals no empathy and common sense in these 2 men. Nevertheless, they might believe they’re informed when truly, in the previous men were the only ones being educated to be exceptional over the opposite sex. This goes to show ladies, in specific Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale were a lot more informed and were not so closed minded about the scenario, which lead them to discover how Mrs. Wright eliminated her other half, and might not feel guilty over concealing it.

Given that ladies were dealt with not much better than dogs back then, these three women wanted equality and felt the requirement to secure Mrs. Wright in order to reveal female supremacy. In conclusion, this play plainly demonstrates how females continuously felt caged, in which the cage represents females and their weak point towards guys, and finally wanted to feel equal and dominant. It is a really strong and reasonable theme that still occurs in present day sadly, but not as much as it used to. This play might be the first hints of females and how they finally stood up for themselves, and eventually got the right to vote.

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