Character Analysis of Mrs. Wright in “Trifles,” by Susan Glaspell Essay

Mrs. Wright is a character not present at the scene, however for me, postured an excellent value in the entire story. In the Story, Mrs. Wright was the wife of the murdered John Wright. She was the main suspect, given that she was the only individual with the Mr. Wright when he was murdered, at his case, strangled to death. Mrs. Wright, as informed by Mr. Hale, was the individual he came across when he was available in looking for John Wright. It was also Mrs.

Wright who told him that John was dead, strangled to death while she was sleeping beside him.

She revealed no expression of sorrow or shock when she was informing this to him, and even managed a laugh when she was asked where John was. She was detained in the end, and that was when the scene in the story began. There are numerous elements to consider when analyzing the character of Mrs. Wright. There are more things than what meets the eye, which is why it is necessary to scrutinize the important things she was with and the important things she was carrying out in the story.

In order to do this, there was a requirement to introduce 2 characters that check out Mrs.

Wright’s character. These characters were Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters. Throughout the story, it was through these two that the readers were able to understand Mrs. Wrights character more, despite the fact that she wasn’t present in the scene. One of the first elements that might be related to Mrs. Wright’s character was the rocker she was sitting on, when Mr. Hale arrived and was searching for John Wright. The rocker represents Mrs. Wrights feeling at that time, in which she appeared to be at peace, but continued to rock in the stillness of everything around her.

When she was questioned by the individuals who entered into her house, she seemed confident with what she is stating. She was calm when she responded to that John wasn’t around, and even handled a laugh when she said that John was dead already. She was calm in the within, however deep inside her, she was bothered, rather, indifferent of her present situation. Another aspect that serves beneficial for the exposition of Mrs. Wright’s character was when Mrs. Peters keeps in mind the young Mrs. Wright, where she used to be a choir member and wore quite dresses. Which it all stopped when she ended up being the better half of John Wright.

This explanation has opened a door for the audience to think about the life Mrs. Wright is living. Is she pleased being the other half of the murdered John Wright? Or does his death free her of some sort from the unhappiness that she was feeling when she was with him. The skirt that Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale collected for Mrs. Wright likewise gave an understanding of her past, in which she used quite clothing and looked quite herself, which it seems like she was being denied of the delighted and lovely things in life when she was with her husband.

Another exposition of Mrs. Wright’s personality was shown by the chaos in her house, of the unfinished tasks she seem to have begun yet have discovered no time to complete. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale had shown the audience a much better understanding of what it seems like being a homemaker, how one would feel unpleasant with things left unfinished. This showed that there is definitely something wrong happening with the life of Mrs. Wright, something that might truly be useful in fixing the case of the murdered Mr. Wright. The 2 are persuaded that Mrs.

Wright has no issues at all with being a homemaker, considering that she has actually begun doing things that a typical housewife would do. Fix clothing, cook, do kitchen work. But because of an undisclosed factor, she wasn’t constantly able to complete those tasks. Which made the two ladies suspicious of the case. The turning point of the exposition of Mrs. Wright’s character was when the two women saw the birdcage with no bird. They were rather curious why the cage had no bird in it, since it would make good sense that a bird is an ideal buddy for a housewife like Mrs. Wright.

When they carefully examined the cage, they discovered that it has a damaged cage door; something that made their suspicion grew larger. If you thoroughly evaluate what they were able to find, the broken door wouldn’t make sense if there was no bird there. The damaged door is a manifestation of force being utilized to pry opens the cage, who did it, was still unknown. The scenario that ended their suspicion was when they discovered a dead bird wrapped in cloth that has its head and neck deformed since it was strung up. This was also the missing out on piece that solved the puzzle of Mrs. Wright’s character.

They learnt that Mrs. Wright actually had an intention to eliminate her husband. Mrs. Wright was an individual deprived of joy whenever she was with her hubby. Her carefree young days ended when she married John Wright. She stopped singing, she stopped using gorgeous clothing, and eventually lost all hopes in her life. The bird represented her staying sanity, her staying hope in her life. But when it was removed from her, she likewise snapped. When the bird stopped singing, Mr. John Wright also stopped living. Referral: Glaspell, Susan. “Trifles”. 1916. July 15 2007. <

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