Catcher in the Rye: Quiz

Catcher in the Rye: Test

Why does Phoebe tension that Holden is altering the words to the poem “The Catcher in the Rye”.– ch 22
Phoebe makes such a big offer of Holden fumbling the words because the real line couldn’t more various. What holden hears makes him consider innocence and how he want to be “the catcher in the rye”. He likes the idea that what he heard the kid saying supports his desire and ideology. It enables his concept that keeping kids innocent and stopping individuals from maturing is possible, which as we have actually seen in Gatsby, it most certainly is not which this type of thinking is dangerous. The longer he hangs on this idea, the more upset he will be when he finds out that it is simply not possible. Phoebe understands this and is trying to secure him from overwhelming frustration.
Why does Holden continue to push Sally after she makes her point about not wishing to leave civilization with him?
Holden wants someone to feel what he is feeling and he believed Sally could comprehend. He’s lonesome and just desires someone to be with so that’s why he jumped so rapidly to ask her this.
Do you think Holden will go on to live a delighted life or an unfortunate life when he leaves the resting house? Why or why not?
No since nothing will complete his problems
How does Holden react to change?
Holden dislikes change and doesn’t respond to it well. This can be seen when he is in the Museum of Natural History due to the fact that he likes the manner in which all of the displays are the exact same as he remembers from when he was a kid. This is likewise more undoubtedly seen when he responds to Allie’s death when he punched all the windows out in the garage.
Why does Phoebe become so concerned about Holden after finding out that he stopped working out of school once again?
Phoebe, as Holden’s sis, takes care of him and appreciates him. Therefore, she would undoubtedly be concerned about Holden getting tossed out of school, specifically since this would be his fourth time. In addition, Phoebe’s love for Holden can be seen at the end of the unique when she arrives at the Museum of Nature with her suitcase. She notifies Holden that she wants to run away with him. When Holden states he is running away alone, she begins to weep. Readers can presume that Phoebe takes care of Holden significantly, and does not want to see him get in difficulty.
Why did Holden and Allie enjoy the kettle drum player at the Radio City Christmas program, and what does this expose about Holden’s character?
Holden and Allie liked the kettle drum player because although his part in the orchestra was small and seemingly unimportant, he still felt happiness and pride for what he did. This exposes that Holden can appreciate the little things individuals do and no matter how little the feat may be, he would be happy if the job was carried out with enthusiasm and real sincerity.
Compare Phoebe Caulfield and Mr. Antolini. Why do you think Holden includes them as the couple of people that aren’t phonies?
Pheobe is young, one that hasn’t fallen off the cliff of the adult years, brilliant for her age. Mr. Antolini, on the other hand, is an adult who’s technically currently off the cliff. However Holden doesn’t seem to think he is counterfeit. On the contrary, Holden’s actions appear to recommend that he feels that Mr. Antolini has actually not fallen off the cliff at all. They both truly look after him. Mr. Antolini lets Holden stay the night in his apartment or condo while Pheobe remains his one “non-phony” relative. Mr. Antolini was also the only person who got the body of James Castle when no one else would. To Holden, he was the one person who took the initiative, the one person who really did something while all of the other phonies didn’t wish to do anything about the poor kid lying dead on the street. Holden includes both of them as exempt from “phoniness” due to the fact that they are sincere and genuine to him. They represent the good that exists before people fall off the cliff and leave their innocence permanently.
Why does not Holden not like the idea of Allie in a graveyard?
Holden never ever got closure for Allie’s death, so it harms to think Allie is dead. Holden never ever went to Allie’s funeral and did not express his sorrow in a healthy way so thinking of Allie in a tomb is like learning he passed away all over once again.
How does Holden feel after he offers the cash to the nuns?
After he gives the cash to the nuns, he recognizes that he needed the cash for his date with Sally. However, he is sorry for offering just ten dollars, and thinks he ought to have offered more. The nuns that he satisfied broke the presumptions he made about arranged religion, and they are not “fake” like other things that are institutionalised. Since of this, it is revitalizing for him to satisfy people that go against the unfavorable stereotypes of the modern-day world.
How does Holden feel about money and the wealth of others?
As an entire Holden believes cash constantly makes individuals depressed. He connects to how he went to Pency Preparation, a money driven school, and how he was depressed there. He then talks about how his papa would often snap at him for leaving things behind. Holden remembers this when he leaves his bag in a locker at the hotel and how that would make his dad upset. In conclusion, Holden thinks money constantly associates with depression.
Why does Holden think so highly of more youthful kids like Phoebe and Allie?
Holden dislikes “phonies” and thinks once you end up being an adult you end up being a phony. Therefore, he believes highly of more youthful kids like Phoebe and Allie because they have not yet matured and end up being phonies themselves. He utilized to like his older bro D.B, but as D.B grew up Holden saw him change into a “bogus” by only writing to satisfy the expectations of Hollywood. He wants to maintain the innocence and purity he sees in children that prevents them from ending up being phony by being a catcher in the rye, “catching” kids before they run the theoretical cliff into the adult years.
Why do you believe Holden keeps plaguing Luce about sex in chapter 19?
Holden keeps plaguing Luce about sex in Chapter 19 due to the fact that Luce has experience and he does not. The subject of sex both revolts and fascinates Holden, and he wondered. Also, Holden is very immature for his age, so he doesn’t understand when Luce wants him to stop talking about the subject and simply continues to bother him.
What has Mr. Antolini’s talk with Holden exposed about Holden and how does this associate with all the problems Holden has been handling?
Holden’s talk with Mr. Antolini resulted in the revealing to Holden of how individuals viewed him. Getting an external view on himself, as apposed to how he considered himself (or others), showed Holden that he must maybe be open-minded in relation to classes and subjects, which the world does not focus on him. His daddy, mother, and Phoebe care and worry about him, yet he still wanders around to his own material.
When Holden discusses how women constantly choose people that are “strictly a bastard” and state that they really just have an inferiority complex what do you believe he’s trying to make the reader think about himself?
Holden is trying to persuade the reader than he does not have an inferiority complex and therefore is confident in himself. Girls opt for guys who are “strictly bastard” because people like that have a confidence about them that Holden does not. Holden has mentioned prior to how he wants he might go all the way with a woman, and if he was more like one of the “bastards” he might get what he desired.
Why does Holden deal with Phoebe, a young kid, with more regard than his senior citizens or peers?
Holden thinks that Phoebe doesn’t have any of the “fake”-ness that he dislikes so much in adults. He also appreciates her being smart and insightful. He does not respect adults since he believes that they are constantly fabricating their emotions to obtain their goals. Phoebe, nevertheless, is not fake, and he significantly appreciates her for handling that. He is deathly afraid of being a counterfeit to himself. That is why he value’s Phoebe’s capability to stay genuine.
If Holden returned home just to talk to Phoebe, why does he wait so long to wake her up?
Regardless of Holden’s hostile habits towards Sally, why do you think he calls her instead of Jane Gallagher?
Holden can’t think of Jane without thinking of what Stradlater may have finished with Jane. Holden hasn’t seen Sally in a while and has a much better possibility of getting along with her then being distressed when he sees Jane.
Explain what Sally does to Holden that “upsets” him.
Sally and Holden planned to meet at a hotel so they could go on their date. She was late, but when she arrived she looked so appealing so Holden forgave her.They went to a play and during the intermission Sally was flirting with a young boy from a prep school, which frustrated Holden. Although he seemed to overcome it rapidly, I feel like he always feels disregarded and lonely. Since Allie passed away he feels alone and the just other person he really speaks with is Phoebe. He’s utilized to feeling this way and the reality that Sally did it, seemed to bother him.
Why is Holden so afraid of being a phony, even to himself?
Holden is so scared of being a bogus because he recognizes that kids are hardly ever counterfeit, however many adults and teens are. He wants to “conserve” the kids from growing up and becoming bogus
When Holden us leaving to flee and Phoebe begs Holden to take her with him, it is more because Phoebe needs him, or does Phoebe think that he needs her? Explain.
When Phoebe asks Holden to take her with him to run away, it is more for Holden’s sake. Although Phoebe wishes to be with Holden, she likewise wanted to secure him and keep an eye out for him. She deals with Holden like a moms and dad treats their child. Phoebe wants Holden to “apply himself” and not continuously leave of schools. In such a way, Phoebe wants to make sure that Holden doesn’t get into more problem than he has already entered into. It is plainly shown that Phoebe looks after Holden and wants the very best for him, and by running away with him, she can “make sure” of him.
Why does Holden offer Phoebe the hunting hat when he leaves for Mr. Antolini’s?
Phoebe deserves it
Why do we think Holden constantly dissects people (like those at Radio City) and creates stories and conceptions about them?
To live life through other people
Ducks in central park
where ducks go in winter season
where allie is
motion pictures
dislikes phonies
escape plans
leave the world
inability to cope with world around him
hates change
desires to be in youth permanently
little shirley beans
get a great cd for his sister but dropped when drunk, symbolizes that their adult years ruined his good gesture
central park
fav location when bit
trying to return to childhood
get away from society
sex is not significant for their adult years
catcher in the rye
wants to assist kids from falling under adulthood
Allie’s baseball mitt
holden’s emotions
just revealed to household and jane
constant state of childhood
woman of the streets
loss of innocence
sex maturity, unable to go through with it
moms and dads
their adult years
red hunting hat
red was color of allie and phoebe’s hair
represents love
programs inner conflict of wanting to be alone but companionship
Grey hari
acts immature, experiences make him adultlike
in between child and adult
forced to handle experiences
narrow-minded, judgemental
feelings towards sex
wishes to be tough
turns to violence to release anger
skating rink
happiness but not due to the fact that sally leaves him there
“The mark of the immature man is that he wishes to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the fully grown guy is that he wants to live humbly for one.”
holden’s development, dislikes school, but recognizes needs to do it to help him in the future, stop sensations sorry for himself
Mr. spencer is fretted about holden and future
Mr. antolini is only person who offers holden genuine psychological help, then molests him (trust problems)
Educators: bogus, various at school and house
violent ideas
loss of innocence

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