Catcher in the Rye: Analysis

Catcher in the Rye: Analysis

Explain Holden’s voice
manic, duplicating, spread, unreliable, hypocritical, dramatic, bipolar
What does David Copperfield( in the very first chapter) represent?
David Copperfield is sad and dismaying about bad individuals. So Holden does not want to go into all that stuff and we can assume that something bad occurred in Holden’s life.
The Mr. Spencer scene:
– Holden is going nuts in his head because he thinks whatever is dumb and gross, however on the outside he is being respectful.
– Holden wishes to secure innocence
What does Holden feel about goodbyes?
he wishes to have someone to state good bye to since he is going to leave and no one will notice. Holden informs us that he doesn’t care and he dislikes everybody anyway. He feels that he does not want to dissatisfy himself.
What does losing the fencing foils show?
– he blamed everyone else for it and he “didn’t actually care”
– he kinda sets himself up for failure
What kind of narrator is Holden?
-1 st individual
– undependable
Explain Holden
– truly tall( grew truly rapidly in one year), is truly slim
– has gray hair( perhaps he is stressful, possibly he is transitioning)
– Holden is flipping out about his shift into a male
– he wishes to seem old however he wishes to be young
Why are the ducks symbolic?
– possibly he is utilizing the ducks as a symbol for him due to the fact that he is wondering what the ducks do, and he doesn’t know what to do with himself/where must he go.
– if he can figure the ducks out maybe he can figure himself out
How does Holden communicate with his peers?
He is a very strange kid- he tap dances and pretends to be things
Why is he a phony?
– he is such a phony/hypocrite (Ackley is to Holden as Holden is to Stradlater)
– he acts different in his head then in reality( is nice to his friends then judges them in his head)
What is symbolic about his searching hat?
– it is a hunting hat so possibly that represents camouflage and how he is concealed, or that he is hunting for relationships
– he constantly turns his hat around showing his different faces of his personality
– his hat is red just like Allie’s red hair( he believed Allie was a really good individual so possibly he is attempting to be like him)
– it is protecting him from others
– he gets in touch with the outsider hat
– they used to be next-door neighbors and they were really buddies and spent summers together and played checkers
( she always keeps her kings in the back row throughout checkers, and in checkers if you do that the game would never end/go on- she just like Holden constructs a wall, revealing they connect)- Holden doesn’t desire Jane to loose her innocence with Stradlater(” he is an attractive man”).

– he doesn’t want to make more connections with her since he hesitates of her leaving)

Ackley vs. Holden
– Holden and Ackley are both castaways
( neither went to the football game)- What Ackley states aloud Holden believes in his head.
Why is Holden not able to compose the structure about a location and instead picks to blog about Allie’s mitt?
He wants an accuse to talk and think about Allie because he misses him. He didn’t compose a location due to the fact that he has never had one location to feel home, but Allie is something he had connection with.
How is Allie’s mitt symbolic?
The poems show that Allie was an outsider, maybe that’s since Holden liked him. Allie was a truly special/smart/unique person. Allie is opposite of Holden
How is Allie’s death symbolic?
The loss of Allie represents loss of innocence- Holden then went nuts and punched windows so possibly that’s when Holden went bananas. It also shows the loss of connection because they were buddies and now Holden is alone. Leukemia is the cancer of the blood, and sense family has the same blood now Holden has weirdness in his blood( insane). Likewise, leukemia is a childhood disease so Holden may be jealous due to the fact that Allie passed away without loosing his innocence.
Why does Holden react so strongly to Allie’s death?
Allie was keeping Holden grounded and when he passed away Holden lost it. His head is constantly going to harm so it will constantly advise him.
5. Why does Holden select to compose the composition for Stradlater? What does this state about Holden?
It was an excuse to blog about Allie. He was feeling a great deal of various feelings because he got kicked out, so thinking of Allie might help him. Although he may not say it, he truly does wish to have friends so he does this for Stradlater.
How does Holden feel about leaving Pency Preparation.
– He acts like its whatever, but I think deep down inside he is actually sad
What is Holden’s frame of mind when he is leaving Pency?
– He kept stating that he was depressed and was going to cry. He stated he could not keep in mind anything and couldn’t sleep- incredibly anxious and having an anxiety attack. This is probably since of missing out on Allie, worrying about Jane, and unfortunate about getting kicked out.
– It is calm outside however he is not calm so this makes him worst.
How does Holden leave?
– he just leaves
” Sleep tight ya Morons” -perhaps he wishes to get captured
– he raises the “allie hand” so it kinda provides him a crutch
-” it’s allies fault that he is insane”
train scene:
– he talks with Mrs. Morrow
– he believes that she sits beside him because “he is really attractive”
– she probably is concerned about him since she knows he goes to school with her boy
– he tells lies: his name is Rudolf, her child Ernest is popular( he wanted to impress the mother and now the mama and Holden are good friends. He generally self undermined himself due to the fact that now they can’t actually be friends), and he has a brain growth( maybe he wants to have a brain growth so it would discuss what was wrong with his brain, since he knows that something is wrong- it might likewise be an Allie connection).
Why does Holden lie all the time?
– he lies for absolutely no factor and it doesn’t make any sense
– this makes him a little insane
What is Holden’s mindset toward sex?
– he is truly nervous and confused and just doesn’t comprehend
– Unlike the majority of 16 years of age young boys, he would rather not (or wishes to in fact enjoy her very first) and is over psychological about it
What is Holden’s biggest issue?
he is self-sabotaging
he does not understand where to go, he has emotion “baggage” -they are always getting in the way
Describe Phoebe:
– Phoebe: she is pretty, clever, red hair however not as intense as Allie, skinny, she likes to compose stories about the exact same characters however never ever finishes them-she never ever follows through like Holden since they both miss Allie and remain in a bad area with out any responses
– her one defect is that she gets too psychological( ironic because Holden is so emotional)
What does Sunny represent?
– her dyed hair represents her fake-ness
– Holden has now lost is innocence for calling her
– he looses it and sobs
Why does Holden call Sunny?
– he just desires someone to talk and hang out with
– it’s ironic due to the fact that he calls a prostitute to speak to
** self sabotage because he is most definitely not going to make a connection with a woman of the street.
the Holden and Maurice scene:
– Maurice lied and stated he needed $5 more and they do this because Holden is an easy target
– Holden gets truly scarred and anxious and starts crying- however he still won’t provide him the cash
– Holden might care less about the money and could entirely avoid the dispute, however instead keeps going with it and gets punished for it
– Holden understands he is a bad state so he wants the physical discomfort to remove the psychological discomfort- he wants a reason for his craziness-Holden then finally sleeps for about 4 hours (his absence of sleep and drinking and cigarette smoking contribute to his frame of mind).
Who is Sally?
– His ex-girlfriend who is attractive however phony
– she wrote letters to him at Pency
– she “isn’t clever” to Holden due to the fact that she is normal- discuss other people and likes Hollywood, ect.
– he calls her up and makes a date
Holden’s encounter with the nuns:
he takes his bags to Grand Central Station- bags represent starting fresh for a second
– the nuns have affordable luggage which depresses Holden- nuns usually don’t have costly bags because they are innocent and devout their life to God, so these non-phony grownups truly interest Holden
( his old roomie didn’t have great travel suitcases and kinda black mails Holden utilizing the travel suitcases)
Why is Holden shocked the nuns like Romeo and Juliet?
– it has a great deal of romance and non-innocence( drugs, murder, sex, ect.)
– Holden liked one of the characters, however he didn’t like Romeo and some other characters due to the fact that they are phonies. He said he was more unfortunate about the cousins death more then Romeo and Juliet’s- the cousin is different like Holden, and Romeo and Juliet and very counterfeit( real)
What is significant about the record Holden wishes to purchase Phoebe?
the record had to do with teeth- she had lost her 2 front teeth and was extremely embarrassed
– now that she has lost her teeth and is ashamed, she is getting older and loosing her innocence
– records simply go around and never changes, so Holden likes it since it resembles time is frozen and will never alter.
– Holden is alerting her and doesn’t desire her to alter
Describe the scene of the household walking down the street:
– the family is strolling to church
– the young boy is singing and strolling that makes Holden delighted due to the fact that he is so innocence and clueless, but he is depressed due to the fact that the parents don’t see this stunning innocence and aren’t recording the minute
– Holden images that loosing innocence is like falling off a cliff- the kid is teetering on the edge and Holden does not want him to fall off and loose his innocence( and no one notices)
How is Holden acting throughout his date Sally?
Holden acts strange and crazy and manic throughout the date
– he goes back and forth between loving her so much that he wishes to marry her, and disliking her guts- this shows his bipolar-ness
– he is depressed in his manic state
How is his date with Sally self-sabotaging?
– he wishes to run away with her
– sally is like no but then she kinda chooses it
– he does not really wish to flee, however constantly alters it
** self- screwing up
Describe the museum scene:
– He loves the museum due to the fact that everything is frozen in time
– especially the fish exhibition due to the fact that it goes back to the duck scene-Holden is the frozen fish and he wants someone to fish him out
– he can look and evaluate at them and they can’t do anything back, which he loves
Carl and Holden:
– Holden is drunk so he acts really weird
– Holden keeps inquiring about his sex life and its truly odd …
– he is being strange and immature-Holden is judging everybody- specifically gays
– Holden’s sexuality.

– Carl says Holden requires to go speak to his papa who is a psychoanalyst

Who is James Castle?
– James Castle: leapt out the window and killed himself( using Holden’s shirt)
– Holden is practically envious because Castle died courageously- Holden always discusses eliminating himself but Castle went through with it
– the teacher maintained Castle’s innocence( he passed away as a kid) so Holden desires the instructor to do the same for him
– James Castle- J.C.- Jesus Christ- Jesus was a martyr, and Holden looks as Castle as a martyr for innocence
What does Holden get from Phoebe that makes him sob?
– her Christmas cash
– he sobs since it signifies maturity- he understands his actions are a effecting others
– he always offers things to people, however no one ever offers something to him
– the hat and the cash- they have such a strong relationship
The book title:
– he wishes to capture individuals from falling off the cliff
– falling off the cliff resembles losing innocence, which Holden wishes to stop
– rye is taller then the kids, however Holden can see over and guides all of them
Why does Holden go to Mr. A?
– he appreciates Mr. Antolini( doesn’t call him “old”)
– not like how he deals with most adults
– close household buddy
– he is quite young
What is unusual about Mr. A’s wife/house?
– the house was a mess since there was a party
– this makes Holden uncomfortable
– Mrs. is much older and actually abundant
– the PDA shows that there relationship may not be working
– perhaps he is gay?
– tells Holden he will have a terrible fall
What does Holden awaken to?
– petting Holden
– Mr. was drunk
What does Holden do after he leaves?
he concerns leaving/staying- maturity?
** deux es machina?
Holden’s break down in chapter 25:
– he informs Phoebe that he is leaving and plans a very unusual life
– everything is disgusting him and he begins sweating and might throw up and passes out
– everything around him is “awful”
What is the “apostrophe” of this?
He starts speaking with Allie
How does Phoebe persuade Holden to stay?
– Phoebe brings her luggage and tells Holden she is choosing him
– Phoebe had a lot of suitcases- she appears to have all of it together, however on the inside she is struggling( first time she shows it and Holden understands)
– she convinces Holden to stick with her- she really needs him
The carousel scene:
– they go to the carousel
– carousels never ever change and go around and around
– Phoebe gets on it which is what Holden desires- Phoebe preserving the innocence
– Holden didn’t so he accepted loss of innocence and maturity
– it starts raining- getting warmer so the pond is thawing and so it Holden
End of the book:
– he is an asylum in California( tells on the very first page)
– book end structure:
the first and last chapter and last are the same
– because the book ends and starts in the exact same location, nothing ever progressed
– the book is the exact same image as the record and carousel
– he is in Cali which’s counterfeit
when something makes you think of something else
When you speak with someone who isn’t there
figure of speech comparing two various things
A comparison using like or as
Having no movement or change
A character who grows, learns, or modifications as a result of the story’s action
A significant exaggeration
undependable narrator
we can see through them
A thing that represents or means something else, particularly a material item representing something abstract.
A narrative device that hints at coming occasions; typically builds suspense or anxiety in the reader.
Steam-of consciousness
all over the location- whatever your brain is thinking
word choice
( Holden tries to be cool by cursing)
( he sentences continue in Holden’s head)
An event or situation that might be analyzed in more than one method.
Precisely real, instead of figurative or metaphorical
Language that can not be taken literally since it was composed to develop an unique result or feeling.
All the meanings, associations, or emotions that a word suggests
Fan fiction
stories involving popular fictional characters that are written by fans and often posted on the Interne

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