Callous attitudes in the Crucible

Callous mindsets in the Crucible

!.?.!? The Crucible Essay In the Crucible, Arthur Miller composes of the hysteria throughout Salem Witch Trials, hoping that the world will never ever do anything stupid again since of hysteria. Throughout the Salem Witch Trials there were many people that chose to act as individuals, instead of a community. Judge Danforth, Reverend Parris, and Abigail Williams had the power to stop, and even prevent the trials, however selected not to since they did not care for anybody other than themselves. Judge Danforth could have stopped the trials when he found out that he was incorrect about the entire thing.

Also, Parris is the reason the tracks occurred, and Abigail Williams fed the flame of hysteria throughout the routes. These three individual add to callous attitudes that exist in Salem, and trigger the ultimate deaths of the innocent. Reverend Parris is the reason the trials took place in the first location. One night he saw that his niece, Abigail Williams and all of the other ladies were dancing, and singing in the forest he became very angry at them. When he asked them the next day what happened none of the children wished to be whipped, so they comprised stories that they were bewitched.

As, the problem intensified he wished to protect his own name so he supported the hysteria of the town. “Thomas, Thomas, I hope you, leap not to witchcraft, I understand that you- you least of all, Thomas, would never ever wish so devastating a charge laid upon me. We can not leap to witchcraft. They will shout me out of Salem for such corruption in my home.” This quote illustrates Parris’ desperate shot to secure his name. Likewise, this quote reveals the reader that Parris had excellent factor to lie throughout the play.

Parris did not want to be kicked out of Salem like all the other priests that have actually been to Salem. For example, for much of Act 3 Proctor and Mary battle to draw out the truth of the witch trials, however the entire time Parris was trying to undermine their efforts with incorrect accusations and irrelevant concerns. Nevertheless, Parris would not have to have actually done any of this if Abigail Williams did not lead the other women to sob witchery. Abigail Williams fed the flames of hysteria throughout the trials by masterminding a plot to eliminate Goody Proctor, John Proctor’s partner. Never in this world! I know you John- you are at this minute singing secret hallelujahs that you other half will hang! “( 152 ). Proctor responds “You mad, you homicidal bitch!” (152 ). This dialogue between Abigail and Proctor shows that Abigail had intention to kill Goody Proctor so that she can have Proctor to herself. Nevertheless, her efforts were not just to get rid of Goody Proctor. From the starting she wished to divert the shame of the incident in the woods from her, by accusing people of witchery.

Abigail, truly proves to contribute to the callous mindsets of the town due to the fact that she fills the minds of all the ladies in Salem that the Devil is loose in the town, so that they do not need to be accused of singing and dancing in the forest. Nevertheless, Danforth does nothing to stop the procedures, to safeguard his name and his reputation as excellent judge. During the trials in Act 3, Danforth is presented with a lot of evidence to knock the procedures and send Abigail Williams to prison. “Twelve are currently executed; the names of these seven are given out, and the town anticipates to see the die this morning.

Post ponement now speaks a floundering on my part; reprieve or pardon need to cast doubt upon the guilt of them that passed away till now. “( 131 ). This quote from Danforth proves that he understood that he had actually made a mistake, however selected to do absolutely nothing to stop the madness he produced, even if it would make him appear like a silly judge. He did not want to be referred to as the judge that was fooled by a thirteen year old girl. None the less his actions sealed the fate of the innocent people in Salem, and cast a shadow of arrogance on him.

In conclusion, these three individual contribute to the callous attitudes the ultimate deaths of the innocent in Salem. Parris started the whole thing and allowed it to happen. Abigail Williams kept the Salem Witch Trials passing feeding the court with lies and deceit. Finally, judge Danforth might have stopped half the people from being hung, but chose not to since he was too anxious about his credibility to care. If the town kicked the court out of Salem and resumed their lives without the court, the nineteen innocent individuals would not have needed to passed away. United they might have conquered, however divided they fell.

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