Book Report Frankenstein

Book Report Frankenstein

Title: Frankenstein Author: Mary Shelly Setting: Geneva; the Swiss Alps; Ingolstadt; England and Scotland; the northern ice; 1816– 1817 Point of View: First person– The point of view shifts with the narration from Robert Walton to Victor Frankenstein to Frankenstein’s beast, then back to Walton. Protagonist: Victor Frankenstein Villain: Frankenstein’s monster Plot: The book begins with letters composed by Robert Walton, an explorer, who writes to his sis back in England. He outlines his adventures while at sea. The crew discovers Victor Frankenstein, near death, floating on ice.

Walton takes him aboard and in his letters to his sis, retells Victor’s story of the monster he developed. Victor grows up in Geneva, Switzerland and has a wonderful youth. The household adopts an orphan, Elizabeth, whom everyone enjoys, and is raised with Victor. Victor gets her as a “belongings of my own” and reflects “to death she is mine just.” Victor likes science and enlists at the University of Ingolstadt. For 2 years, he is consumed with his research studies and his desire to bring to life a dead body. He utilizes chemistry and electricity to make it a truth.

Victor invests months making an animal out of old body parts. One night he brings his creation to life. When he looks at the monster that he has developed and he is horrified. He attempts to sleep, however ultimately flees since he hesitates of his creature and feels guilty of what he has actually created. He runs into his buddy Henry Clerval, who likewise studies at the university, and takes him back to the home. The monster is gone. Victor then ends up being sick. Henry assists him recuperate. Victor gets a letter to return house because his youngest bro has been killed by strangulation.

Victor hurries house and goes through the forest where his bother was strangled and sees the monster. He is convinced the monster murdered his sibling. When he arrives home in Geneva, the house cleaner, Justine Moritz, is incorrectly accused of the murder. She is founded guilty and executed. Even though Victor understands the killer, he can not tell his family or the authorities. Looking for solace, Victor goes to the mountains. He sees the beast and the beast challenges Victor. The monster tells Victor he murdered the kid and said he did it to hurt Victor because he was shunned and lonesome.

He asks Victor to create a mate for him. Victor in the beginning declines and then agrees. The monster wanders the woods and finds a coat and notebook that belonged to Victor. He has taught himself to read and from the notes, learns about how he came to be. Victor makes plans to go to England and Scotland with Henry to deal with the second animal. He likewise makes strategies to marry Elizabeth immediately following his journey. Victor secludes himself and begins working. One night he is frightened at what he is dong, and ruins the brand-new creature. The monster sees the destruction through the window and vows vengeance.

Right after, Henry Clerval’s body is found and Victor is accused of the murder. When he sees the body, he sees the monster’s fingers on his neck. Victor is discovered innocent of the crime. Victor marries Elizabeth. He fears the monster’s danger to be with him on his wedding night. Victor ensures he protects all the entrances into the wedding event chamber and waits for the monster. The monster enters into Elizabeth’s space and stranglers her. Victor returns home to his daddy, who passes away of sorrow a short time later on. Victor now desires revenge and goes after the monster.

Victor almost catches the monster near the Polar circle when Robert Walton discovers him. Victor, now near death, is taken onto Walton’s ship. The beast appears out of the mists and ice to visit his developer. The monster enters the cabin of the ship and informs Walton his side of the story. Victor passes away, and the monster tells Walton of his loneliness, suffering, hate, and regret. He specifies that now that his developer has died, he too can end his suffering. The monster then leaves in the ice and darkness to pass away. Dispute: Man vs. Man– the world of advancement in science and logical development vs. he world of faith and custom. Theme: Science– The power and risk of understanding Response: The story of Frankenstein follows a long custom in folklore of male seeking to steal the powers that are booked for the gods. In this case, a mortal guy looks for to restore his psychological losses through the production of life. Victor’s terrible life leads him to pick a pathway that just brings more catastrophe for his family, his buddies and eventually the beast he created. As in folklore, those who attempt to emulate the gods are destined failure. Victor’s suffering continues through out the legend.

As a reader, making use of letters to depict frame of mind and sadness heighten the sense of anguish for me. I felt looming disaster and pain as I check out. I might not assist but guesswork how Victor’s understanding and skill as a scientist might have been used to recover the sick and bring delight to both Victor and others. Rather, by choosing the dark arts and trying to seal that which is protected to the Almighty, Victor and others in his life were to suffer and ultimately pass away without removal of their lost loves and with an incredible unsolved loss in their hearts.

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