Black Like Me, A Place at the Table, and Martin Luther King Junior’s Speech I Have a Dream – Comparison of Depiction of the Theme of Hope

In John Howard Griffin’s novel, Black Like Me, hope exists in choose places Griffin goes in the south where individuals combat racism and the black individuals have not yet “quit hope.” For instance, Griffin discovers that in Montgomery, Alabama, the black individuals fight racism no matter what the effects are. He might not identify the white viewpoint, besides that they were a little upset-they didn’t want the black people assimilating into society, and that they were upset about their rebellion. But the black individuals who were fighting back sparked hope in Griffin since the lack of utter hopelessness he found in other cities he had travelled to. Griffin was picked up by a kind young black man on November 24th who provided him with hope. Despite the fact that the male was struggling to support his household, they were abundant in the sense that they had unconditional love for each other. The household also had love for all humankind; they invited a complete stranger to eat meals with them and stay in their house for a night.

In A Place at the Table, teens from all different backgrounds were explaining the oppression their ancestors sustained and how they were proud of them. Once they had each described their stories, the teenagers understood they really weren’t too various from each other, although they are of different races. They ended up being conscious of the reality that they are not alone and there are a lot of individuals they have for assistance and who they can depend upon and feel sorry for. For instance, the lady who had ancestors from Ireland stated that they came by to America and they faced injustice similar to the ancestors of the person who were black servants. All of their forefathers had to deal with oppression, when they expected America to be the “land of the totally free.” The essence of hope from this film was that everyone, no matter what background or race, has “a location at the table,” the table meaning America. Race ought to not matter. In Dr. King’s speech, I Have a Dream, King is discussing his expect the country. He describes how he wants everyone to understand they are equivalent no matter what skin color they have-just like the hope shown in Black Like Me and A Location at the Table. His speech demonstrates the hope of one person, however a hope shared by many that are oppressed just like King.

Black Like Me altered my thinking of injustice considerably. I utilized to think injustice suggested that you can not resist, and no matter what you do you are always oppressed. And now I understand that injustice does not necessarily have to come without the victim being unable to fight back. In truth, injustice can be considerably influenced if the victim defends themselves. It is even more efficient to safeguard your position when you have people supporting you, and that is why I liked the hope discovered in all 3 sources I went over. Many concepts anticipated by the oppressed are best carried out when there are other oppressed people fighting with them. Black Like Me didn’t alter my opinions of stereotypes. I still believe they are entirely unjust, unreasonable, and untrue. I was also shocked at some of the stereotypes introduced to me by Black Like Me, for instance, when many of the white males Griffin caught trips with presumed that “the Negro guy” has a more exciting, different sex life than the whites. They were obsessed with that stereotype and they stopped working to see that skin color does not identify sex life anymore than hair color would.

From anticipation and past experiences with oppression, I understand I have been influenced by others to have hope. For example, when individuals who are besieged by the very same troubles “stick together” and assist each other to conquer not just oppression however the everyday issues they encounter. This is present in the situations I explained from Black Like Me. Some black people Griffin met were defending the higher great and were not acting defeated like other people he met-the distinction was that they had hope.

All of these works connect by method of everyone rallying together and joining against injustice. If we all, as a society or an individuals, keep our dreams alive, anything is possible. That is what having hope ways. If you can believe something will happen, you have hope. Although one person can definitely alter the method things are, generally it is when people that think the very same thing unify that there can be modification; and this is the main point of Black Like Me, A Location at the Table, and the I Have a Dream speech. Taken from Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, “This is our hope … with this faith we will be able to work together, to hope together, to have a hard time together, to go to jail together, to defend liberty together, knowing that we will be complimentary one day.

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