Bill of Rights / Animal Farm

Bill of Rights/ Animal Farm

First, Last Teacher Topic Date Costs of Rights Comparison Animal farm is an allegoric novel which has an extremely fascinating story to it. The story has to do with animals in a farm and the owner “Mr. Jones”. Animal Farm allegorizes the rise to power of the dictator Joseph Stalin. In the movies “Animal Farm” and the Harrison Bergeron film they have guidelines some rules of equality they share and the bill of rights is a set of guidelines guaranteeing our freedom and assisting us have some more advantages that can’t be removed or changed unlike animal farm where Napoleon alters the guidelines to benefit the pigs.

In “Animal Farm” the pigs took over dictator ship and after that altered the rules to benefit the pigs making them higher than the equal and the guidelines that they changed are better for them due to the fact that what the pigs changed benefited the most since the other animals would not start doing what they did due to the fact that they know that the pigs are higher.

Just like in the Harrison Bergeron movie where everybody is equivalent and if they are much better in any way or are unequal in any sort of way they will make them even by making them walk with these big excruciating weights on their arms, legs back, and chest to make them all equal and to the ones who were intelligent or even a bit more thoughtful and active with their ideas they would be forced to use a gadget that shocks their head whenever they think of something that they shouldn’t be thinking about.

Comparing “Animal Farm” and the Harrison Bergeron movie they both have a death and in “Animal Farm” the death is Snowball the pig who was eliminated by Napoleon since Napoleon is the totalitarian and snowball was uprising against him he was assisting the other stock. Leaders in the Harrison Bergeron movie were the government and the man that got away from the greatly armed prison was thought about a genius and an athlete and because of that he was a riminal he was revealing individuals in the crowd that he is not equivalent and they aren’t equal either however during his presentation they authorities come and eliminate him due to the fact that he was helping the other individuals and he was trying to rebel similar to Snowball. Luckily the United States of America have the liberty of speech so that if we have a viewpoint it’s not unlawful to express our opinion and liberty to religion so we aren’t managed by the federal government.

Observing the Harrison Bergeron movie the government authorities have the permission to search and seize your house without correct notifications or documents and without your approval they can come into your home at any time of the day or night and extract your from your home.

In the Costs of Rights we have the right of search and seizure regulated which specifies “The right of individuals to be safe and secure in their individuals, homes, documents, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, will not be violated, and no warrants shall release, but upon likely cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the individuals or things to be taken”. The bill of rights manages numerous laws and actions so that the people are safe and complimentary it would be sad to see the world end up being a place like those in the Harrison Bergeron movie or in the “Animal Farm” story.

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