Beliefs of John Proctor in the Crucible

Beliefs of John Proctor in the Crucible

John proctor a maltreated puritan farmer, picks to take a stand versus the church and all the killing that they were doing. In 1632 Salem was an enclosed town where they were not accustomed to things of the outside. So when witchcraft was presented to the town they took the opportunity to utilize the church as a source of government. John Proctor does not bier in what the church believes considering that their beliefs are so tainted. He thinks individuals must worship in their own way not the way the church attempts to get them to do.

He says he worked or his own land and if it requires tending to on the Sabbath then he will most absolutely tend to it. In the years that Salem was established they had actually currently left the guideline of England however their roots in the nation and all its beliefs were still beautiful firm. So anything outdoors and various was shunned. This is where John Proctor is viewed as an outsider. He does not see the Sabbath and does not go to church. When the entire town was having their little scare of witch craft john proctor in a view was being unfairly targeted.

The Federal government in the town( primarily judge Detonator) were moor immersed in what it would appear like then the reality. So they started sentencing innocent people to death. This provided the town hope that the church was doing everything right for them. In Arthur millers time while he wrote the crucible the same thing was going on. The federal government was managing the important things individuals finished with their lives and how they worked, In a sense this was a method for Arthur miller to depict how as a nation we have actually advanced technologically however our thinks, even a little skewered are forever unchanged.

At the end when Proctor is sentenced to death and the court provides him an ultimatum They use him death or an agreement that will be placed on the doors of the church and nullify all the killing that has been going on in Salem. When he declines to sign the contract he picks to choose death over contract. This implies that he selected his name and waited his worths over what society was based upon and how their values where more than slightly skewed. That is the point Of the Crucible no? How a society can be so altered and so altered by its leaders to the mint where they have no concepts Of their own and do not think on their own.

A Distorts where perfection is what they attempt to accomplish however flaws is what is produced as they try to end up being something that is not genuine. The crucible gives insight to not just the belief of 1692 Salem but to the government during 1945 and might as well give us insight on our government today. Arthur millers unique was moor than simply a book about the past but an insight to a world that might be only based off of different worths and frame of minds.

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