Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 comparative essay

Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 comparative essay

!.?.!? In both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 the society the characters live in is government regulated and they restrict specific things in the lives of the residents. Both of the authors of these books are attempting to warn today’s societies about the dangers of the various faults they each display and how today’s societies are beginning to show the warnings of the books. Both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 caution today’s societies about when government has overbearing control and holds understanding from its people using worry and other suggests it causes disobedience and reliance within societies.

In Anthem the government has control over everything in the residents lives starting from when individuals are born through every year they live till they die. They discover what their taught and nothing more. They do what they are informed and follow the laws that the society is based upon. The people think what the federal government has actually planted into their heads from when they were born.

Utilizing repetition and having complete control over every surrounding in individuals’s lives the federal government can easily persuade the residents and can form them into anything they wants the people to be. In this unique, the society handles an extreme variation of government control. Compared to Fahrenheit 451 where the government control is still present but uses various techniques to get the same regulated and brainwashed results as the government in Anthem. In Fahrenheit 451 the residents discover just what they are taught and nothing more, as it is in Anthem.

Using teachings that merely scratching the surface area on subjects and using mentor methods so that the students never ever discovering how to think on their own or evaluate anything, for that would lead to totally free thinkers within the society which is exactly what the federal governments in both books are trying to prevent. In Fahrenheit 451 they likewise keep books and the knowledge of what is in them, making the books illegal and utilizing fear of effects to keep individuals far from them.

The federal government likewise controls the citizen’s ideas through the ways of technology, exposing it everywhere and having kids grow up with it. Utilizing this connection to technology they can brainwash the resident in Fahrenheit 451 to believe anything they desire through means of what they hear continuously through the screens of there daily life. Both of the societies in Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 have the perfects of a perfectly run world and the federal government’s answer to accomplishing this is complete federal government control and having every citizen act and think a specific way to keep a great running society.

In both societies, to make the people follow the ways of the community, they limit knowledge and attempt to eliminate the alternative of freethinking and having individuals be able to find things about the governments ways or discover ideals and desires within themselves. These actions have been shown in real life circumstances also, in World War I Hitler used convincing talking and brainwashing of individuals to get followers and make individuals think in his ways. And like in Fahrenheit 451, Nazi power used prohibiting of books as a method to keep individuals to think just as they wanted them to.

Any book that had any anti-German or anti-Nazi ideas were banned and burned in public settings. Once people were hooked on Hitler’s concept, using this newfound power he had the ability to control people to join his side and defend what is incorrect without most people recognizing exactly what was going on. Utilizing the techniques found in both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 with overpowering government and withholding knowledge from the residents, Hitler was able to get people to follow him in his path as he attempted to make his variation, of what he believed, was a best neighborhood.

Together with Hitler using adjustment and convincing techniques to brainwash the citizens, he also used worry. This tactic of using fear as a method to control the people in a society is also seen in both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451. In Anthem, the society utilizes worry to warn people what will happen to them if they step out of line or break a guideline in the society. They utilized the public execution of the Offensive Word Transgressor to place fear in the people and keep them in line.

This strategy places a frightful picture in the heads of individuals and lets them know their fate in the society if they choose the exact same path as the one who spoke out versus the methods of the society. This likewise re-enforces the power that the government has and advises individuals of the power the federal government holds which they would be checking their fate if they ever tried to say differently. In Fahrenheit 451, worry is used to produce the very same message in the society as Anthem, but in a different way.

In Fahrenheit 451, the worry is within the recognized consequences of particular actions. The citizens understand, and many have seen, what happens to the people that check out and keep prohibited books in their homes. Utilizing this show and tell of burning homes and the rebellion of the people that get quickly controlled by firefighters and shipped off to jail, puts a tip into individuals’s mind that you can’t get away with anything in the society and remind them of the power that the federal government has. In the society they likewise utilize brainwashing as a method to place worry in the outcasts.

The kids are raised with violent and bullying tendencies by their environments, lack of parenting and absence of supporting from a young age. The children that do wind up being social, and not relying on violence, are bullied and out casted from society till further actions are taken. This is revealed with Clarisse and her circumstance that lead her to death. This positions worry in early generations to measure up to the normal childhood provided by the neighborhood, or what the federal government makes kids to be. It’s a simple way to manage the castaways and rebellious ones due to the fact that the federal government knows what takes place to the kids that don’t suit.

This theme is carried into their adult years with the society with next-door neighbors ratting out other neighbors and good friends telling on good friends if they see that they are doing something incorrect or illegal by terms of the federal government. Using worry to manage a society is used in lots of ways in today’s society with terrorist groups and governments utilizing war and other tactics to use worry as a method to manage society. “The people don’t desire war, but they can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is simple. All you need to do is tell them they are being assaulted, and knock the pacifists for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to risk.

It works the very same in every country.” -Hermann Goring. This quote, by one of the leading Nazi leaders throughout World War I, is demonstrating how when you position fear in a society, like the fear of being attacked, people will be more open up to ideas and will be more going to follow their country and leaders than they would have been if there had been no risks. This associates with Fahrenheit 451 and Anthem in that both societies had been through a serious time, Anthem having had a war to remind them or difficult times, and Fahrenheit 451 who was going through a continuous war at the time.

The citizens were terrified and were more going to cooperate with their governments knowing of the risk or consequences that have actually come from war and hazards and having worry that it may affect them. In today’s society we likewise use worry and violence, like in the books, with brutal police. Utilizing pepper spray and beating people that remained in serene demonstrations for equivalent rights. This type of authorities showing locations fear within the effects, like what is revealed with the two books, and re-enforces our government’s power and actions their ready to take.

With limiting understanding and putting worry in societies it will trigger more than simply being more susceptible to brainwashing and following ideas by a higher power however it will also trigger dependence within the citizens and community. When horror strikes or people get in an uncomfortable scenario, they require something to cling onto, this is displayed in both books. In Anthem the people depend on their daily routine set by their government and knowing that it will be the exact same day in and day out. If things started to change most of them wouldn’t understand what to do.

Individuals in the society cling to what they know and many don’t want it to alter. With this reliance it likewise triggers people to cling to the federal government for aid since they manage their life. This is also a benefit for the federal government to be able to hold control and hold power more easily. This is likewise shows real in Fahrenheit 451, however in a slightly various way, in their society the government has given the people a physical thing to latch onto, innovation. Individuals turn to technology in difficult times as an interruption and utilize it to relieve their minds and not have to deal with the real world issues they have.

The people in this society are addicting to technology and the federal government has made it accessible to them all over. Individuals turn to their innovation as a way to stop believing and end up being oblivious to the other risks and horror’s in their own life. Their dependence on technology leads them to a life that is really far-off from others and is just focused on the something they are taking notice of, their electronic devices. This likewise helps out the government control in their society in the same method that it makes with Anthem.

With the government having control over the technology and what is relayed then the federal government can take control and brainwash individuals through the electronics and make them believe anything that is told through it. This concept of dependence is shown as a part of humanity in the real world in numerous aspects. It is likewise what triggers people to be able to follow someone and follow a leader in tough or frightening times. When people remain in a challenging time, they require a light at the end of the tunnel or similar something to keep them moving on, without this people shut down and break down.

Whether it’s a leader that brings hope, something that individuals can cling on to or a solution they are moving towards, individuals always require motivation to progress. This need makes individuals come together during depressions and wars and discover security and hope in their leaders. And it likewise demonstrates how a great deal of individuals are willing to work and help with anything that is needed during these difficult times, just to give them something to keep hectic with and keep motivated to move on and get past the hard time.

With all of these mistakes made by federal governments and societies and over managing methods to form the “best” society, someone will discover the fault and have the nerve to be happy to alter what they believe is incorrect. Whether this is a single person or more there will always be someone who will break free from the crowd and realize what is genuinely going on in the society and how is not all right. In Anthem this was Equality, Liberty and International that all revealed this will and defiant state of mind.

It was displayed in their eyes which how individuals that were more likely to have complimentary thinking qualities, being most likely to break the laws and not follow the ways of the society had much brighter and stronger eyes compared to the dull lifeless eyes of their brothers. Equality was not going to give up his rights and succumbed to his thirst for knowledge and knowing. Throughout the book you can see his character transform into a more independent and defiant individual till all the ties are broken in between him and the society’s methods and his defiant side is full blast as he leaves the society for his knowledge and his freedom.

This is also shown in Fahrenheit 451 with Man, Clarisse, Faber, and the groups that live outside the cities. In this novel there is a larger group of defiant force due to the more unwinded grip the federal government has on its residents and it’s less defined neighborhood borderers. As in Anthem, the reader follows the primary character, Person Montag, through his journey of finding out his own worths and finding the faults in the society he lives in until he reaches full disobedience and leaves the society behind him. It took a little push from others who held this rebellious side and a various view than the rest of the people in the society.

Clarisse was one of those individuals who’s different outlook on life and way of thinking snapped Person back into reality for a minute and just long enough to get his mind starting to consider everything in his existing situation. With Faber assisting him process his ideas and ideas to where he was certain that something must be done about the methods of the neighborhood. Then finally the group on the railroad tracks that helped Person make his last break with the society after he had actually left and never ever recall to the federal governments ways again.

With just a little start or a small push, something can turn into a big deal pretty quickly. In both of these stories the federal government control can not get to everyone, even as much as they attempt, and when the federal government control is overbearing and controlling individuals with their own ideals and thoughts will put up a fight to try and stop the government no matter just how much the government tries to stop them first. This happens in societies today with individuals that are objecting for what they think is right.

In today’s world this has been a way of finding and getting rights as individuals recorded all the method back to 1152 BC in Egypt when workers halted there work and rebelled against King Ramsey III for unjust work conditions. This has actually happened with slavery rights, female’s rights and every unreasonable law and treatment that governments and individuals of higher power used to attempt and manage and conquer others. All of the cautions in both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 are reflected in today’s society in some aspect. Although 2 extremely various story lines and different societies that are being written about, both books share comparable cautions and ideas.

In both books the author’s take the ideals and warning that exist in our society today and blow them up in an over overstated way. The books exhibit the worst parts of societies today and where these courses are leading us. Most of the federal government’s techniques and values in the stories match those of today’s societies and societies are beginning to show more of the styles in these books. Although the societies in the book reflect the worst of the majority of societies in today’s world, they are both told through the lead character who realizes the issues that are evident and is trying to save the community.

They reveal the very best way to be and a few of the very best qualities in a person, an individual who is a complimentary thinker, one that curiosity and forms their own guidelines and ideals. By the end of both books the lead characters have broken away from the societies and the books end with a hope for the future and re-building of a society. Both of the books are full of cautions and warnings to societies today of what not to become, but it likewise has an appealing and handy side, offering advice of what our society must learn and strive for and how to prevent the warning that are given. People can not be controlled and told what to think.

Humanity requires to be set free and individuals’s minds needs to discover and develop to be able to work appropriately and lead typical happy lives. In these societies the federal government has taken the majority of this away and individuals have a really hard time to be able to find it on their own. Believing for his/her self is an excellent message to give to societies today, specifically when neighborhoods are beginning to show the methods of the book to a greater level. In today’s society individuals need to be very mindful not to fall under the trap of letting the government decide people’s choices and inform them what to think.

If people listen to political leaders and think everything they say, they will more than likely not be getting the complete story and they will end up believing lies and letting other people inform them what is right even when it isn’t. This also happens in societies with listing to what is “in” and listing to popular or effective individuals about how everybody should be and act, and trying to end up being that. This likewise results in brainwashing in neighborhoods and leads people to be more easily vulnerable to other federal government control and being overrun by societies methods and other people’s opinions.

Individuals have to make their own options and not be lazy in the pursuit of joy, another crucial warning in both of the books. Through these books it reveals us that when government control is more than essential and over steps their bounds it can cause unpleasant situations and a great deal of stress in societies. Beginning with governments restricting learning, creating fear and planting things to control and persuade the people and ending with neighborhoods in fear, residents in disobedience and distress throughout societies.

This is all in hope and objectives of having a “well-run” and so-called “best” society. If people aren’t thinking for themselves and neighborhoods aren’t adjusting freely and letting change take place naturally, then the only modification that will come is for those who desire it bad enough to make a scene and do something for their rights and lifestyle. These individuals ideally get the wheels turning so that more individuals will recognize the true truth, realize what is ideal and to be able to follow in the steps of the genuine leaders of society.

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