Animal Farm, Satirical Dipiction of the Russian Revolution

Animal Farm, Satirical Dipiction of the Russian Revolution

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a precise satirical representation of Russian society under Josef Stalin from the time of the Russian Revolution. Go over. Animal Farm by George Orwell is an accurate satirical representation of Russian Society under Joseph Stalin from the time of the Russian Revolution. Orwell uses animals and exaggeration to show an essential element of Russian history. The story clearly reflects individuals’ lives under the rule of Stalin being no different to their lives under their previous ruler the Tsar. Orwell criticised the Russian Revolution because it did not accomplish anything nor enhance individuals’s lives.

He also checks out humanity and the corruption of power among the leaders of Russia utilizing satirical strategies. Orwell satirised Carl Marx as an old and smart pig in Animal Farm, He gives an inspiring speech about a better life for animals if they revolt against people just as Marx had actually written in his Manifesto, which motivated the Russians to revolt against the Tsar. Through Old Major’s speech Orwell reveals the readers a streamlined variation of the standard tenets of communism which was that the capitalist economic system was seriously problematic and individuals might live a far better life if they worked for themselves and produced their own food. Only eliminate Male, and the fruit and vegetables of our labour would be our own. Practically overnight we might prosper and free’. Through this easy speech Old Major reveals the main idea of the transformation and how Animalism will benefit the lives of the animals on the farm. Orwell Satirises the battle for power between the leaders of Russia after the revolution was even more brutal and afraid than the Revolution itself. Orwell satirically uses 2 pigs to represent the 2 most important leaders of Russia. Snowball was a loyal fan of Marx’ theory and was the leader of the Revolution.

He is symbolic of Leon Trotsky who was a fantastic leader of Russia and made the five-year strategy for Russia that is symbolic of the Strategy of the Windmill made by Snowball. However he was banished from the farm by Napoleon’s nine loyal pet dogs, which is symbolic of Stalin’s secret police force the KGB. Orwell satirically symbolises Joseph Stalin as a ‘Big, rather fierce-looking Berkshire boar’ setting an image in the readers mind of an ambitious and treacherous character. After Snowball’s expulsion, Napoleon acquired outright control over the farm.

He was an absolute totalitarian that did not think in Marx’s theory. He eliminated any animals that questioned his choices or that were against him. Much like Napoleon, Stalin killed over twenty million people that were a risk to him. Stalin likewise made the lower class people work even harder than they were under the guideline of the Tsar. Another example of how Orwell satirises the Russian Revolution is through the character Napoleon who did not follow the Animalist principal created by Old Major. Much Like Joseph Stalin.

After the expulsion of Snowball, Napoleon gets outright control over the farm and turns into an absolute hypocrite and begins breaking Old Major’s teaching of Animalism and the 7 commandments that they set themselves. The most essential rule the pigs break is ‘All males are opponents, all animals are associates’. The pigs break this by doing trade with human beings and then they begin killing their own pals. Even even worse, they shake hands with the human beings and assure to be associates in the end of the novel ‘Their sole dream, now and in the past, was to live at peace and in typical organisation relations with their neighbours’.

By utilizing Napoleon, Orwell satirically criticises Stalin’s hypocritical character for trading with anti-Communist countries that were when Russia’s enemies by using the example of Napoleon trading with humans. Fighter is a precise satire of the modest working class individuals in Russia under the guideline of Stalin. Orwell shows the readers that Fighter is offering all of himself for the building of the farm and other produce, however in the end he is sent to the butcher by Napoleon because he’s too old and worthless to him. This is precisely the same method Stalin was dealing with the working class individuals in Russia.

There was no early retirement age, as promised by the Communist party in the beginning of the Revolution. The story Animal Farm is an appropriate satirical depiction of the entire Russian Revolution and a utopian dream failing through damaged leaders and most significantly the inherent negatives of human nature. Old Major had visions that never ever come to be. After his death, the entire Animalism theory get twisted and perverted by those animals that got a taste of power and can not let it go. Rather of an animal utopia, pigs like Napoleon turns the farm into an autocratic dictatorship much like Stalin did when he became the leader of Russia.

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