Animal Farm: Napoleon is not entirely at fault for the deterioration of Animal Farm

Animal Farm: Napoleon is not entirely at fault for the wear and tear of Animal Farm

English Essay: Animal Farm By Elly Jackson Napoleon is not totally at fault for the wear and tear of Animal Farm In the novel Animal Farm, we see the progressive deterioration of the ideas of animalism. The mastermind behind the destruction of Animalism is the shrewd, two-faced, malicious Napoleon, a boorish, tactical leader who willfully plots to serve his own requirement above others. However, Napoleon can not be seen to be totally to blame.

At a glance, that would clearly appear the case, although through diving deeper into this book, we begin to see the potential strength and management qualities in other animals that should have been used as a tool versus the fading morals of animalism. In this way, characters such as Squealer, Fighter, and Benjamin also played a role in the degeneration of Animal Farm. Numerous would argue that Napoleon, being the spearhead of Animal farm, was the one to initiate the most significant wear and tear. He “had a track record of getting his own method”, so the majority of animals blindly followed him.

He was the one who ordered all the animals, constantly forcing them to do his bidding. Napoleon utilized worry as a tool to control everyone so that the animals “all trembled silently in their locations”, too scared to speak up and make a distinction. When “the pigs suddenly moved into the farmhouse and used up their home there”, it was due to the fact that Napoleon had started this motion. The exact same thing occurred when the pigs started to consume alcohol, sleep in beds, use clothing and walk on 2 legs. These were all forbidden actions prompted by Napoleon.

It was in by doing this that Napoleon made his contribution to the deterioration of Animal Farm. It is really clear throughout the book that Napoleon played a considerable part in this but it need to be remembered that he was not the only factor. Squealer is a significant character, who transmits info and is “somehow extremely convincing”. Many say that he can “turn black into white”. Out of all the leading pigs, Squealer is the most closely connected with the other animals. He communicates with them daily, and with his relatively rustworthy mannerisms and his highly fine-tuned capability to control the less smart animals, he has a fantastic effect on them. The animals find themselves believing every word he states, and any doubt in their minds can be settled by his sensible explanations and “undeniable” comments. Although a great deal of the time, Squealer spreads lies, it is the animals rely on him and his ability to convince that make him capable of creating a modification on Animal Farm. Squealer does not make the most of this capability, and allows the temptation of power to rule his moral compass.

To him, honesty is not the very best policy, and he continuously tricks the animals. The ignorant animals have “absolutely nothing to go upon, other than Squealer’s lists of figures”. He is the one who alters the commandments to suit the pigs’ wants, every time the pigs disobey the established decrees. Squealer adds to the wear and tear of Animal Farm by spreading out lies, twisting the fact and controling the animals’ ideas so that they remain in line with the pigs’ perfects. Boxer likewise carries some fault for the deterioration of Animal Farm.

Boxer has the faith and regard of the masses. He was “widely respected” by all the animals on the farm. Fighter had strong management qualities that were latent. We see this when Boxer had actually “captured a canine in mid-air and pinned him to the ground”. There were times when “the whole work of the farm seemed to rest upon his mighty shoulders”. Fighter is strong in both physical capacity, and his viewpoint, and these qualities must have been used to oppress the malignant Napoleon. Nevertheless he thoughtlessly followed Napoleon, without “believing anything out”.

He was a motivation to all the animals, so much so that the majority would have followed his leadership over Napoleon’s, “Squealer made excellent speeches … however the animals found more inspiration in Fighter’s strength and his never failing cry of “I will work harder! “‘ Orwell utilizes all this proof to show that Fighter was a leader, he simply didn’t know it. Work poverty impacted him, leaving him with little ability for logical thinking. At one point in the book, he seems ready to defy Squealer and Napoleon, which would set an example for all the other animals, however then he reverts back to his idiom ‘Napoleon is always ideal’.

The other animals accept this, and put their faith and trust into Fighters suspicious insight, revealing that he adds to the deterioration of Animal Farm. Benjamin is a negative donkey, however with a level of intelligence as fantastic as that of the pigs. He “might check out along with any pig, however never exercised his professors”. The majority of animals on Animals Farm suffer the effects of world hardship, and little brainpower, yet Benjamin can match the pigs intellect. In reality, Benjamin shows himself smarter than the pigs on event, and always appears to understand what is taking place.

Typically in the novel he “seemed to comprehend, but would say absolutely nothing.” Benjamin has the abilities and understanding to explain to the other animals what is going on, but rather he remains “mournful and taciturn”. There were numerous situations in the novel where the animals were bothered by their ideas and “did not have the words to express them”. At times like these Benjamin is required, but he “declined to meddle in such matters”. He might potentially reveal the animals the fact of what is taking place all around them, but remains silent.

He absolutely adds to the degeneration of Animal Farm, by not performing his apparent tasks to the other animals. He lets his own negativity get him down, and at the very same time this negativity is part of what drags the as soon as blissful Animal Farm into a weakening downward spiral. In conclusion, Napoleon, although a significant contributor to the deterioration of Animal Farm, was not the only one who caused the ideology of this innovative sanctuary to crumble. Many characters held so much power and capability, yet did not use it to the advantage of all.

Squealer picked to feed the animals lies, producing a collapsing foundation of deceit. Boxer let his adoration, strength and natural management go to lose, and dedicated himself to the incorrect cause. Benjamin stuck by his unspoken rule of never ever expressing his potentially important intellect and declined to assist the other animals figure out what was taking place. Napoleon is not totally at fault for the wear and tear of the visionary Animal Farm, it was the different actions of many different animals that jointly triggered it to degrade.

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