Animal Farm Chapter Questions

Animal Farm Chapter Questions

Animal Farm Chapter Questions

Chapters 1-2

1. What is the essence of Major’s speech?

2. How are Napoleon and Snowball currently separated in character and temperament?

3. What is the function of Squealer and Moses in these chapters?

4. Document the “Seven Rules” and have any of the rules been broken?

5. Describe how the rebellion takes place. How does the animals’ habits throughout the disobedience recommend both human and animal attributes?

Chapters 3-5

6. Describe the attack on the farm by the humans and the animal’s resistance.

7. How do the pigs gain the rights to the cow’s milk? Why do the other animals allow this to take place? What does this event recommend about the power hierarchy on the farm?

8. What happens to Snowball throughout the conference about the windmill?

9. Recognize the ways Napoleon attempts to strengthen his leadership position on the farm. How does the process of decision-making on the farm change under Napoleon’s leadership?

10. Why did Napoleon alter his mind over the windmill a) in your viewpoint and b) according to Squealer?

Chapters 6-7

11. How much time has passed up until now considering that the start of the story? How have you determined this?

12. What is the major problem challenging the animals in the structure of the windmill? How is this ultimately gotten rid of?

13. Why is Snowball accused of the windmill’s damage? What do you think triggered its collapse?

14. Were the confessions of the implicated pigs real? How do you know? Why did Fighter not eliminate the attacking pet dog outright?

Chapter 8

15. Offer an account of the settlements leading up to the sale of the stack of lumber. Why were they so lengthy and complicated?

16. Why did the human intruders destroy the windmill?

17. How and why does Squealer persuade the animals they have won a success?

18. What is the obvious ramification of the Squealer and the damaged ladder episode? At what earlier part of the story was this in reality evident?

19. Show the various methods which Napoleon and his pigs have actually moved nearer towards human routines and failings.

Chapters 9-10

20. On what premises, genuine and alleged, were the rations unjustly dispersed?

21. What was the genuine function of the “Spontaneous Demonstrations”? Explain them.

22. Why was Moses, the raven, permitted to stay?

23. Can you in any way represent Napoleon’s treatment of the sick Boxer?

24. Why are the old hopes now thought about “contrary to the spirit of Animalism”?

25. In your own words, offer an account of what the working animals saw and heard through the windows of the farm-house when the pigs were amusing the regional farmers.

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