Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution

Animal Farm and the Russian Transformation

In today’s world, 2 billion pigs occupy farms, zoos, and the wild. While numerous view dogs as very smart animals, pigs are actually smarter than pet dogs. Nevertheless, nobody views these animals as capable of developing a major uprising on a farm in order to acquire their independent. In “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, that is simply what happens. Stock are ill and fed up with the way their owner is treating them, so they combat the farmer and take control of the farm. When the war is over, the animals choose a pig as their president. However, without knowing how that will turn out for them. The pigs benefit from the other animals by changing the commandments, by using the other animals’ illiteracy to their benefit, and by having them work much more difficult than they must on the farm.
First, the pigs take advantage of the other animals by altering the rules. Originally, there was a commandment that read No animal must oversleep a bed because beds advised animals of their human opponents. Nevertheless, since some animals could not read, Napoleon and his pigs altered the rule to “No animal need to oversleep a bed with sheets.” The pigs attempted toconvince all the animals that the commandment had actually always resembled this. However, some animals knew that this wasn’t the case. Eventually, Napoleon informed the animals that anywhere they slept is technically thought about a bed. So, the animals believed Napoleon until they saw him sleeping in a bed with sheets. The change in thiscommandment caused lots of arguments throughout the farm, which would be an ultimate focal point for upcoming arguments.
Next, the pigs benefit from the other animals by using their illiteracy to the pigs benefit. Fighter, who was seen as the strongest animal on the farm, was illiterate. No other animals had thought of a rebellion against Napoleon, since he was seen on the surface as a good leader. Many of the other animals were very gullible, so they would think almost anything Napoleon said. In the Russian Revolution, the male working class (Fighter) was very strong, however lacked intelligence. They had ideas of a disobedience against Josef Stalin (Napoleon) but given that the other animals accepted their leader, they had no support. When changing the commandments, Napoleon had no opposition because all of the wise animals were too weak to take on Napoleon, and all the strong animals could not daunt Napoleon since they were too dumb.
Finally, the pigs took advantage of the other animals by having them work much more difficult than they did. During the rebellion, the pigs fought fairly difficult against the human beings. After the disobedience, nevertheless, the pigs abused their power by bossing the other animals around the other animals around without doing their share of work. This reminded the other animals of why the rebellion took place in the first place. The animals were tired of the way Mr. Jones treated them, so they rebelled since Mr. Jones was making them work too hard. Nevertheless, Napoleon still pressed the animals to work too hard, while viewing them from the sidelines rather of assisting. Ultimately, the animals recognized the paradox in the way Napoleon was treating them.
In the novel “Animal Farm,” other farm animals are looked down upon by the pigs. Hence, the other stock get made the most of by the pigs. The pigs make the most of the other animals by making them work much more difficult than they do, utilizing the illiteracy of the other animals to their benefit, and by altering the commandments. Although the pigs were seen as excellent leaders on the surface area, they are actually extremely wicked when you take a closer look at them. This reveals us how leaders throughout the Russian Transformation didn’t treat their residents relatively, similarly to the pigs treatment of the other farm animals in “Animal Farm.”

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