Analyze the different techniques used in the openings of Sommersby and Of Mice and Men films

Producing a successful film typically depends on developing a successful opening. By using different camera angles and lighting styles, as well as music methods the director can set the scene and modify the mood in any way he wants. Here I am going to evaluate the various methods used in the openings of both films as they progress.

Credits Somersby starts with an air of mystery to it. We are shown this viewpoint by the lighting styles and cam angles that utilized.

The camera shots reveal close-ups of to start with a guy who we assumed is dead then of another guy who’s face is shrouded in a shadow of which makes it possible for hardly any of his face to be seen at all. This makes it possible for as to question his identity a likewise question the relationship of him and the other guy. The music is also appropriately grim however is of relatively poor requirement, however the music does suggest the time duration as the music is a little patriotic. In the next scene the music fades and we get another close up of the mans deal with and hands.

The hands are shown as they have significance as it is plainly shown they are covered in blood which when linked with the previous scene allows the viewer to leap to a rough conclusion to what has occurred. The music is cut to show us that this is a seriousness of the scene. The close up scene quickly fades we are required to the credits, which are played over scenes of this guy traveling through various climates, the variety in the environments shows us that he is traveling of cross countries. This likewise asks us the concern was is he going and why is he going.

The video camera still has disappointed us a clear image of this mans face, which still offers us an impression of mystery to the character and likewise shows us that the character is probably deliberately trying to conceal his identity. The cam also pauses at the point when the guy passes what looks like a group of soldiers. This highlights there is some essential connection in between the character we have actually been shown and these soldiers which assists us as audiences to try and fill essential spaces in the profile of this character. In direct contrast ‘Of Mice and Guys’ is played out in an entirely different style.

The credits are right away at the beginning and there are no scenes played underneath it only a blank background. Comparable to Somersby nevertheless, is the music. Whilst ‘Of Mice and Males’ music is of a higher requirement it sets the scene for the film. The music is really sad and solemn which can instantly inform us that this movie is not going to be a pleased film. As the credits continue even more we get sound effects that right away inform us roughly where this scene is set. The sound takes place to be of a train so instantly us as audiences are informed a) the scene is on a train and b) the characters in the film might be taking a trip.

The camera pans in showing us light coming through gaps in the carriages, this catches the very same dark atmosphere as displayed in the opening of Somersby however through a different strategy. To contribute to this dismal effect the music fades so that only the sound impacts can be heard. The director has actually done this to such an effect that it sort of brings us into the film and lets us feel the cold, dark, and severe noises that anybody would be hearing at that time. This brings user involvement into the movie and is also relevant in the next couple of seconds in experiencing the ideas of the characters.

As the credits begin to trend the music launches again and the video camera stops briefly in front of an outline of a figure. The lighting here is used in the same impact as ‘Somersby’ were it does not reveal the character however permits us rather to ask questions about the character rather, for example why is he traveling on this train and why is he prowling in the shadows. And this effect is certainly used in the very same context in ‘Somersby’ when we see him with the body for the very first time. The music then alters drastically and instantly the credit scene ends and the movie carries on.

This result of the music changing drastically also highlights the point that the motion picture is continuing along a different path as apposed to the music in ‘Somersby’ that tends to remain continuous throughout the opening. It likewise offers the result that this maybe a flash back due to the unexpected changes in scene and place. Opening In ‘Somersby’ continues on to a brand-new location. The place is certainly greatly various so we can state that the character might have taken a trip a country mile. The music is still shown as grim and includes stress and emotion to the scene.

The scene focuses on the firstly a close-up of the hand being wrapped in a handkerchief. The angle is shown as a very first individual view so as to provide us a much better viewpoint of the characters sensations, and the obvious close-up of the wrapping of the scarf reveals us there is some significance in the scene. We are then shown a third individual shot of him taken the coat of he has actually been concealed under, which shows us that to start with he feels prepared to reveal himself and secondly that he had a uniform on showing a connection between him and the soldiers.

We are then shown the very first full photo of him. The music is now appropriately brighter to clearly assist lighten the characters state of mind. We are then taken to his first conference with another character. The music fades to suggest that this maybe rather an important part of plot advancement. We are also shown the primary character through the other characters eyes to reveal that at that point the concentration of that character would have been very little. As the scene continues the music modifications to being much more confident which reveals us that the tense environment at the start of the scene has actually faded. Of Mice and Guys’ once again alters to a different design. The music firstly has actually become more frantic and the scene initially shows a ladies running. At this point she has no part in the story yet the cam follows her so that we understand that it must connect to the plot in some way. We are then revealed to characters fleing from the cam. Instantly this informs that since the woman was running toward the cam they are running away from each other. This type of cam work is not utilized at all in ‘Somersby’ as it tries to record a different state of mind.

However as the chase scene ends the exact same first individual deem shown in Somersby is executed to give us a clearer impression of the characters thoughts feelings at this time. To conclude it is apparent that both films carry out similar designs however to get the right state of mind they want they have frequently transformed strategies to match that scene producing the exact same sort of mood however in different ways. This type of variation includes variety to the film and makes it far more satisfying to view.

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