An Analysis of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

An Analysis of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Close Analysis Frankenstein “Be calm! I entreat you to hear me prior to you offer vent to your hatred on my devoted head. Have I not suffered enough, that you look for to increase my misery? Life, although it may only be a build-up of anguish, is dear to me, and I will safeguard it.” I chose this passage since it uses insight regarding how the monster feels. By telling Victor to be calm he expresses his requirement to be heard without interruption. Is the beast sensation nervous or is he recognizing his own demise is near … Like any affordable individual he wishes to offer his side of the story before being evaluated.

The monster offers the impression of feeling guilty and I wonder why? At the same time the monsters option in words feels as if he only wants to delay the consequence he knows he will deal with from his creator. I questioned why Victor would assume the monster was responsible for his bro’s death and this passage makes me believe he has great reason to blame his production. When the beast asks, “Have I not suffered enough, that you seek to increase my suffering?” it makes me wonder what he has been through since his development?

I am likewise entrusted a sense of pity for the beast as it appears he is practically afraid. The words the beast uses makes me not sure how he found out to communicate with such clearness. It has you questioning if he truly is a monster, after all can a monster behave in such a method? To me it appears as if the beast feels that the anger Victor has towards him is not justified. Why does he think that Victor owes him so much just for bringing him to life? It may have been negligent for Victor to not seek him out from the start but does that make it best for the beast to blame him for all he has gone through?

It is amazing to read that although the life of the beast has been hard he wishes to live. For him to state that he will defend life provides the reader insight to his basic impulses. I am delegated question whether this beast is more primitive than his ability to communicate permits you to think. He lets Victor understand, if it boils down to it he will eliminate him in order to make it through and continue living. His distress here sounds a bit misleading. He wants you to believe he is safe, however his kill or be killed attitude puts him in a defensive mode. It is nearly as if he getting ready for battle.

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