Alternate Titles to Of Mice and Men

Alternate Titles to Of Mice and Men

In the unique, “Of Mice And Men,” one of the crucial styles is the “American Dream.” It looks like every single character in the novel at one point or another confesses to imagining a different life. Before she died, Curley’s other half let the reader know that she dreamed of one day becoming a motion picture star. She envisioned herself living this life prior to she wed Curley, but when she wed him he put her dreams to embarassment.

Lennie and George had the image of owning their own farm. They would have much rather owned their own farm than work day after day in a farm that would never be theirs. Dreamers want the unhurt joy, and the freedom to live their own desires and wants. Throughout the novel, we as the reader see the struggle the all the characters have in reaching their “American Dream.”

Throughout the novel, we discover that Lennie has amazing strength. He not only kills innocent mice, but likewise eventually eliminates a puppy as well. Lennie is haunted with the ideas of eliminating all these animals, however does not recognize why all of them are dying. Lennie posses’ physical strength beyond his control.

He does not understand how strong he is. At the end of the unique, Lennie kills Curley’s better half in the exact same way. Lennie is uninformed of the strength he holds, and the power that lies within him.

Throughout the unique, the theme of loneliness is brought to the reader’s attention extremely clearly. It seems as if every character admits to their trouble with isolation. As the story continues, Sweet, Crooks, and Curley’s Other half all admit to their intense loneliness. The reality that all of them admit this to complete stranger show their desperation, and need for friendship.

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