Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely animal farm

When the animals take over the farm the pigs end up being the animals’ leaders, as they are the most intelligent of the animals. Significant starts telling the animals about his dream and persuading them that’s how the farm should be like. The pigs motivate that all animals are equal and have 7 commandments to keep the farm in order.

After the animals start to concur with Napoleon more and more, Fighter says “If Pal Napoleon says it, it must be best” (Orwell 56) that is how Napoleon got his slogan as “Napoleon is constantly right”.

The animals ended up being frightened by the pigs and were too scared to ever question their choices. None of the other animals were clever sufficient to think differently. When Napoleon realizes how much power he has, he starts to make the most of it. Napoleon begins to fine-tune the commandments to his benefit. Napoleon produces a rule stating, “The milk and windfall apples ought to be scheduled for the pigs alone” (Orwell 36). Napoleon has actually just made this guideline to benefit himself and his kind. When Squealer states, “Surely there is no one amongst you who wishes to see Jones come back?

” he is trying to scare the other animals into believing Napoleons doing the best thing. The pigs must not be treated any better than the other animals. This is what began Napoleons corrupt set of values. Napoleon continues to make corrupt changes to the commandments and rules as he acquires more and more authority. When “Napoleon accepted, through Whymper, a contract for 400 eggs a week” (Orwell 76) it was actually unfair to the hens and he must have no control over that. Napoleon did not offer any sympathy to the hens even after they revolted.

Napoleon started to traumatize the hens for declining to provide their eggs. Napoleon brought the scenario way out of proportion and completely starved a few of the hens to death to get the eggs on time. Napoleon has no right to put the hens through hell simply to because he states so. Napoleon started off as a true leader keeping the farm under control once his control got so enormous he turned corrupt. Napoleon made and altered guidelines to benefit himself. Napoleon ended up being extremely self-centered and unfair to all the other animals.

No other animal ever had the guts or smarts to question Napoleons power and choices; which worsened the scenario and made Napoleon become more corrupt. Napoleon had a stern set of rules however if he happened to break a guideline his fellow pigs would use a euphemism by adding a few words to the guideline to soften the real meaning. If everybody could quickly rely on page 109, last paragraph. The other animals were not really clever so they were tricked into thinking they had actually simply remembered the rules incorrect in the very first location.

Napoleon had such corrupt morals that he believed any rule he broke he could simply alter it so he was no longer breaking the guidelines. Napoleon ends up changing the entire rules after he had actually acquired all the power and cash he desired. In the end, the most corrupt thing Napoleon did is when he altered all the rules to “All animals are equivalent but some animals are more equal than others” (134 ). This brought the farm back to precisely how it had started. This very corrupt decision made the animals think they could not question his unreasonable decisions just since some animals are more equal than others.

This eliminated all the liberty and equality that had actually kept the farm together. “Absolute power damages absolutely” this is exactly what occurred to animal farm. Napoleon had begun so against humans and made guidelines versus having any resemblances with them. After Napoleon had become a growing number of corrupt he developed into exactly what he was against … people. Napoleon let his corrupt choices get the very best of him and change his mind thinking he was above the rest. The animals were left with no power or leadership and all they had was a self-centered, lying, corrupt totalitarian who acted just as a human.

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