Abigail Williams in the Crucible

Abigail Williams in the Crucible

Abigail Williams in the Crucible Abigail Williams is the niece of Reverend Samuel Paris in Arthur Miller’s book the Crucible. Some individuals may think she’s Simply a regular lady but how can people be sure about that? Abigail Williams, age 17, is indeed a young girl, but she’s likewise an evil villain. Throughout the book, there are numerous examples to show how this is true. Abigail comprises lies to get what she desires, to leave problem, and to manipulate others. She likewise attempts a homicide Even if she’s Envious.

These are the information that will be taken a look at in this essay. At the start of the play, Abigail uncle captures her and her friends in the woods carrying out witchcraft. He shocks the girls and one even loses consciousness. Back at the Paris family, the girls started to be questioned about what occurred in the woods. Abigail lies to her uncle to get herself out of problem and she controls her friends. She told her uncle that her and her pals were Just dancing in the woods and she threatened her pals into wing about what actually happened.

Abigail also blames Tuba, the family servant, for witchcraft although she’s the one that made Tuba go with her into the woods to do the spells. After Tuba was accused, a growing number of innocent females were accused. Abigail wished to do the spells to attempt to kill Elizabeth; John Proctor’s other half. Abigail wished to eliminate her since she was Jealous. Killing is homicide and murder is evil. Abigail and John had sexual relations before; and later,

Abigail still tossed herself at John in hopes that he will enjoy her however actually, he desires nothing to do with her. (22-23) In act 3, Abigail shows more of her wicked methods. John Proctor and Mary Warren, an accused female, enter the court room. An offer was made that if John assisted Mary, Elizabeth would be excused from the witch trials also. Guv Detonator makes the ladies come into the court room. Reverend Paris mentions that the ladies will be cold if there were among them.

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