A Typical Teenager – Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye

A Common Teen– Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye

J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye is a novel about the life of a boy by the name of Holden Caulfield. Young teenagers have read this book considering that it’s publishing year 1951. This is evidence of its classic quality and appeal. The reason this book is so popular is since it has the ability to connect to young readers going through a hard time, similar to Holden. Holden is specifically having a challenging time determining where he belongs. He feels lonely and isolated, he wonders but worried about sex, and many of all he is extremely afraid of the future. He does not wish to grow up.
Holden is afraid of the adult world, which is something all young people fear. It is much like worry of the unidentified, no one genuinely understands what to expect. Holden displays immature, childish habits throughout the book. The factor being is because he hesitates of modification and the struggle that goes along with it. For example, on the way house from Pencey an appealing older female takes a seat next to Holden during the train trip. It ends up she is the mom of his classmate Ernest Morrow. Although Holden highly dislikes Ernest, he informs the female extravagant lies about her child. He likewise tells her his name is “Rudolph Schmidt? and that he is heading home early for a brain growth operation. Holden lies all of the time, even when it is unneeded. This exhibits his child-like habits.
Holden acts like a child due to the fact that he does not want to lose his child-like qualities. The reason being is due to the fact that he thinks that the conservation of childhood innocence is very important. Later on in the unique he describes himself as “the catcher in the rye?, a job that involves saving youngsters from an awful fall as they start running off the edge of a cliff. By stopping them from going over the edge, he is managing to stop them from falling under their adult years, the very exact same thing he is attempting to avoid himself.
The idea of change intimidates Holden. He would much rather have everything remain as is, however sadly modification is unavoidable. Holden’s desperation for things to remain the same is evident when he checks out the museum, where “everything always remain [s] right where it [is]. (157) As a child Holden had actually visited this particular museum on numerous events. This time, as a young adolescent, stepping through the front doors of the museum resembled stepping back into his childhood; everything was the precise very same, absolutely nothing was out of place. This indicates that Holden misses his childhood years, when he was not filled with stress and anxiety and fear of his oncoming adulthood years. Although Holden’s biggest worry is modification, he is aware that change is something he can not prevent. In chapter sixteen he mentions, “certain things ought to stay the way they are, you should be able to stick them in among those big glass cases and simply leave them alone. I know that’s impossible, but it’s too bad anyway.? (158 )
Holden’s more youthful bro Allie died at an extremely young age. The night he died, Holden went to his garage and punched in each and every single window. This was the most disastrous thing that had actually ever occurred to him. Since Allie died when he was ten, his innocence is what people keep in mind due to the fact that he was just a kid at the time. The stories and memories Holden shares about his brother are straight connected to his wishing to maintain the innocence of children, in addition to his resistance towards modification.
The majority of teenagers feel lonesome at one moment. How they handle that particular feeling may or may not be the same way Holden handle it. As pointed out in the above paragraph Allie’s death is directly correlated to Holden’s emotional state. Holden does not recognize that he himself is also a big reason he is feeling so lonesome and depressed all of the time. He alienates himself from people, making it challenging to form any sort of connection with any person. We see that in the first chapter as he was “standing method the hell up on top of Thomsen Hill,? seeing the football game by himself. The reasoning to be drawn from this is that Holden intentionally isolates himself due to the fact that forming a significant connection with someone implies looking after them; and taking care of somebody and possibly losing them is harder then not having anyone to look after at all. For example, Jane Gallagher is someone Holden truly appreciates. When Holden arrives in New york city he considers whether he should call Jane or not. But every time he selects of the phone, he never does. Holden’s inability to connect to Jane is another example of his detachment from the people he cares about.
Because Holden does not allow himself to form any meaningful connections, he winds up surrounding himself with people he does not genuinely appreciate. This becomes apparent on his date with Sally Hayes. One minute Holden wishes to run away with her and get away society, surviving on their own in a cabin in the woods. The next minute he is chewing out her and calling her “a royal annoyance?. Holden wants to have a meaningful relationship however on the other hand he feels the urge to safeguard himself from getting hurt. As an outcome Sally is the person he chooses to go out with. She is his defense reaction. He pretends to “enjoy? her although he does not, so he feels less alone. However, this leaves him feeling even lonelier due to the fact that the relationship suggests nothing to him.
Holden’s method of safeguarding himself is not the only thing that leaves him feeling lonesome and separated. Everybody around him leaves him feeling unnoticeable and overlooked. Take his conversation with Sally; this is the first time he really appears to open up about how he is feeling. He states,
You ought to go to a kids’ school at some point. Attempt it sometime, it’s full of phonies, and all you do is study so that you can learn enough to be clever adequate to be able to buy a goddam Cadillac some day, and you need to keep pretending you give a damn if the football team loses, and all you do is discuss girls and alcohol and sex all the time, and everyone sticks together in these filthy little goddam cliques. (170 )
This expresses Holden real feelings about elite schools and the people who attend them. When he states, “everybody sticks together in these dirty little goddam cliques,? you get the sensation he may not be apart of his own so-called? clique’. This recommends the kids at, not just Pencey however likewise the other schools he has attended are not extremely inviting individuals and Holden feels as though he does not belong. However, Sally does not listen to him when he informs her this, she blows him off and attempts altering the subject. This makes Holden mad since he feels as though “individuals never observe anything?.
“No one listens to [him],? which is something he has grown accustomed to but not something he has actually grown to like. He wishes for somebody to speak to, but most notably, somebody that will listen to what he is actually saying, someone who has the ability to understand. Holden’s parents wear not listen to him; they send him away to a different prep school every time he receives the ax from the one he is currently attending. His teachers do not listen to him. They inform him what he need to be doing, instead of talking with him about what internal battles he may be battling. Which might be the very thing hindering his schooling. Both Mr. Spencer and Mr. Antolini try speaking with Holden about his bad scholastic streak, however they both fail in doing so. Mr. Spencer tells Holden “Life is a game, kid. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.? By saying this, Mr. Spencer is separating Holden from those who are on the other side of the game. Which leaves Holden feeling pushed away, victimized and eventually feeling as though everybody protests him.
Holden’s prep school pals were not too keen on listening to him either. His roomie Stradlater never provides him the time of day. Whenever Holden tries speaking to him about anything Stradlater simply blows him off, virtually neglecting him while doing so. However if Stradlater needs something from Holden, like his English composition, he has no issue asking him for a favor. Now Holden’s neighbor Ackley is not somebody he especially likes, however he is someone Holden is never entirely impolite to. However, Ackley was the rudest of the disrespectful. One night Holden welcomed old Ackley to the films. That very same night Holden needed a place to sleep because he had gotten into a battle with Stradlater. But Ackley would not let him stay in his room. Why does Holden hang around with such crude young boys? He is so lonesome he socializes with these men despite the fact that he can’t stand them, due to the fact that hanging out with them is better than having no good friends at all. The only person who honestly listens to Holden is his sis Phoebe. Phoebe is very fully grown for her age, nevertheless she is still too young to comprehend Holden’s deep-rooted struggles. For that reason, although Holden loves his sister and genuinely values her concern and the truth that she really listens to what he is saying, he is still left sensation lonesome and separated.
Sex is a pretty hot topic throughout the book. It is not unusual for someone to be concerned about sex as a teenager, but Holden is specifically so. Holden is quite a romantic, however he does admit he is sexually driven. Sex is a complicated subject for him as well. He has sexual prompts but he is never ever quite sure how to respond to these urges. It is to Holden’s credit that he appreciates lady: “You don’t have to get too attractive to get to know a woman.? (99) If a lady were to state, “stop? Holden would stop. This, however, would be the reverse of what Stradlater would do. Holden had mentioned that a person night he and Stradlater had actually double-dated in the really exact same vehicle. Holden remained in the front seat with his date and Stradlater remained in the back with his. All Holden might hear the entire night was Stradlater coming onto his date, trying to persuade her, while she said things like “No “please. Please do not.? Holden did not agree with how his roommate cured girls, a lot so the night Stradlater had taken Jane Gallagher out on a “date? he near lost it.
Jane is somebody Holden had actually spent a lot of time with the summertime prior to he started school at Pencey. They became great pals and Holden looks after her deeply. One might even recommend he is in love with her. So, when he discovers Jane is waiting downstairs for Stradlater, in his home; he becomes really eager. He consistently states he’ll need to go downstairs to say hi, however he never does. After Stradlater leaves Holden becomes really uneasy because he understands how Stradlater can be with girls. Holden “just [can] t get her off [his] brain,? the entire time Stradlater is gone. When his roommate gets back from his date Holden keeps asking him about Jane. But, as discussed formerly, Stradlater never offers him the time of day. He continually neglects his questions. This annoys Holden, which starts a battle in between he and Stradlater ¦ resulting is a bloody nose. This is proof that Holden’s regard for Jane is true.
Both Sally Hayes and Sunny the prostitute are 2 other girls Holden has actually had sexual encounters with in the book. He and Sally Hayes have actually never ever made love. After all, Holden is a virgin. However they did kiss “or what he refers to as “necking?. Warm the woman of the street is a lady who is thought to be around Holden’s age. He fulfilled her one night in the hotel he was remaining in. When she appeared at his space Holden immediately regrets his decision. He refers to her as “so damn young,? which forces him to see her as a kid and for that reason an individual instead of a prostitute. One thing Sally and Sunny both have in common is the truth that Holden does not really appreciate them, which is why he does not make love with them. He thinks sex is something you need to show somebody you really like. However, this leaves him feeling more baffled since he is not like most men “like Stradlater. Therefore, he quickly winds up questioning his sexuality.
Every teen feels as though they do not belong in some sort of way. All of us feel lonely and separated eventually in our lives. We all have actually been concerned or uncertain about sex. And nearly all-young adolescents fear one day they might have to mature. Every one of us has actually experienced these sorts of battles. Not all teens always deal with these particular things the very same way Holden has in The Catcher in the Rye. But we do wind up determining how to deal with them on our own or with the help of others. Holden’s story allows readers to associate with how he is feeling, his worries, and his encounters with sex. And it teaches young people how to deal, and how not to handle certain situations. This is what makes Holden Caulfield and typical teen.

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