A sample of 12 Angry Men essay Assignment

Nowadays, we can find various ways to spend leisure time. According to study, large majority of youth prefer to view movie rather than check out book. Everyone will support the idea that modern cinematography is at the greatest rate of advancement. We can discover work of arts in cinematic market of the last century also. From the vast array of movies that ended up being popular for people of various age, we wish to single out 12 Angry Men.

It is an American courtroom drama that has easy however fascinating plot.

The primary essence of the film is motivated by its title. There is no need to retell the play and inform about the situation as it is much better to watch rather than check out. We have an objective to reveal the deep essence of the idea and aim of this film. It prevails knowledge that each story has its climax and problems, 12 Angry Guys is not an exception. It is based on the genuine case that the twelve jurors had; so, we ought to be aware of the fact that author wishes to show us.

We wish to begin our conversation with the best-illustrated dispute– option problem. Have you ever confronted with a scenario when you are required to pick one of 2 things? As a guideline, every day of the life has lots of surprises and convoluted circumstances that are required to be resolved. Often, the choice is primitive, however there are moments when it is fatal. The very same celebration we can observe with the primary twelve characters from the start of the discussion in the jury room– the life of the kid depends upon the only one decision. We ought to confess that author exactly shows the process when the jurors are responsible for the person’s life. What is the primary alleviation in this case? It goes without saying, that our unpredictable life can present us an opportunity to be in the juror’s shoes and make or break. The evidence and declaration are redundant here. That is why we highly advise you to watch a movie and find out how to act in the similar situations.

The second issue relates to the idea of small group interaction. We were born in society and interaction is our primary occupation. There is no doubt that every day we share details and express our opinion. Interaction is the only source to get rid of problems and solve puzzle in a peaceful way. If to plunge into the deep essence of the movie, we can conclude that 12 men develop a type of group that has one objective– to make a decision. Each member has personal attitude to some phenomenon, however it is necessary to come to one option. Can we use it in practice? Without any doubt, we can. The most important winning method is to listen to each member and examine perspectives. There is no doubt, the essential thing is to disagree with incorrect thoughts and accept originalities. As a guideline, a group should accept point of view of their leader; however what the difference in between choice that was made by a single person and group option? 12 Angry Men essay example can improve your knowledge and reveal essence of the cooperation with individuals.


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