A major difference between the movie “Of Mice and Men” and the book “Of Mice and Men”

A major distinction between the film “Of Mice and Guy” and the book “Of Mice and Guy”

The book, Of Mice and Guy, is one that invokes thought in the reader. Although the book is well written, the movie does not come close to those very same standards. After checking out the book, then watchisng the film, I saw some major distinctions along with some insignificant distinctions. However, there were a couple of that were very apparent. One glaring difference that I saw included the character just called “Curley’s other half”. One distinction taken place during a scene that greatly influenced what I thought of her. However, in the movie, this scene never ever occurred.

This difference significantly changed my opinion of Curley’s wife. In the book, Lennie, Sweet, and Criminals are collected in Crooks’ space. After a while, Curley’s spouse arrives, and the situation ended up being a bad one. Criminals collects the nerve to stand up to her, and when he does, she verbally cuts him down. She informs Criminals that she might have him hanged, and no one would object. After she says this, Crooks “… decreases himself to absolutely nothing …” (81 ). Quickly afterward, Curley’s better half leaves the room, leaving behind her the demoralized Criminals, Lennie, and Candy.

In the motion picture, Lennie, Sweet, and Criminals never ever satisfied in his space. A meeting in between those 3 never occurred throughout the whole film. This is among the factors that I do not think that the film was almost as great as the book. By removing this scene, Curley’s partner’s damaging nature is not revealed. Only those who have actually read the book would know this part of her character. The effect of the difference of the film completely altered how I feel about Curley’s other half.

While checking out the book, I saw her as an unfaithful wife and a troublemaker. She was the only woman on the cattle ranch so she immediatly was distinguished from everybody else. So every attempt at making discussion is gone due to the fact that the guys do not desire difficulty from her husband. She has no one to talk with besides Curley and all she wants is to be able to speak with somebody during the day (87 ). Evaluating by the method that she conducted acted, I figured that she was both lonesome and unhappy with herself, or that one guy just wasn’t enough for her.

In the book, she informs Lennie “I put on’ like Curley. He ain’t a good fella.” (89 ). Although she feels that her partner is unkind to her, I still didn’t feel any compassion for her, mostly because of what she had stated to Crooks in his space. When the motion picture did not have that scene all she seemed incorrect with her was she was lonely and had a dreadful hubby. She no longer looked like a vicious and terrible female anymore. I no longer viewed her as a flirty and unfaithful better half.

Regardless of the numerous distinctions between the book and the motion picture, I believe that the one I explained is the most crucial. It is really influential when identifying an opinion of the characters. The omission of that a person specific scene changed my whole perception of the character. It assists to minimize the bad elements of Curley’s spouse’s personality, and underlines the reality that she is really lonesome and in requirement of somebody to befriend. This goes to show that any distinction between a movie and a book can alter one’s whole opinion of another characters.

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