Household’s Misfortune in A Good Man is Hard to Find

Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Male is Difficult to Find” is a story of an innocent household’s misfortune when they are satisfied by The Mistfit, who is a gotten away serial killer. The story focuses on the grandma who is a kind hearted senior southern female that has the satisfaction of coping with her son, his better half and rude kids. She is likewise a very sophisticated female who think she should look her finest all over she goes, merely due to the fact that in a mishap “anybody seeing her dead on the highway would know simultaneously that she was a lady”.

The household criticizes the grandma for the fear of a possible attack by The Mistfit and feline asphyxiation.

She acknowledges the pointless things such as mileage, the speed of the vehicle, and cemeteries. She likewise tries to get the children to take in the appeal of nature and also attempts to explain to the that they must appreciate their senior citizens. However don’t let grandma fool you.

Granny excuses June Star for insulting the owner of Red Sammy’s Barbecue and asks her “Aren’t you embarrassed?” however grandmother experiences no individual pity when she said,” Little niggers in the country don’t have things like we do. If I might paint, I ‘d paint that image.

Their “luck” might be blamed on grannies cat, who cause the wreck. Just when they believed they was going to get help, little did they understand they probably need to have listened to the bothersome old lady in the back seat. They did indeed encountered The Misfit, and he was also the last person the encountered. The granny begged The Misfit to hope, and he guaranteed her that no quantity of prayer would help him and he took the life of the whole family. The grandmother also attempted to meddle in The Misfit’s past, however he wasn’t to keen on her doing this therefore he provided her very brief responses back.

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