The Journey of Vacation and Death – A Good Man is hard to Find

The story of Flannery O’Connor entitled “An Excellent Man is Hard to Discover” is about a journey of vacation and death. Bailey’s family and her mom who was thought to be the primary character of the story– the granny, had their trip. They went to a holiday to Florida but before their dream vacation, something dreadful took place to their family. Throughout their journey, the family saw different type of nature marvels and fantastic people. They saw a Negro in among the locations they went through.

When they had their barbecued sandwich, they met Red Sam and his wife, the owner of the restaurant they remained to eat. Nevertheless, after they had these experiences, excellent experiences that helped them to create various imaginations and circumstances about the past, today, and the future. When they went through a plantation, granny recalled her life during her younger days. It was a great experience as she remembered her life and the look of the plantation. When she shared her household about the secret panel into the plantation house, all her grandchildren wanted to find and see the secret panel.

Despite of Bailey’s rejection, he followed her kids because they are shouting and kicking the front seat of the car. They passed through the plantation home however rough road made their cars and truck flipped into the side. None was hurt that much but Bailey, her spouse, and her mom were a little hurt. They want to call for aid however they can not because they were in the middle of unending road. When they discover a cars and truck coming right through them, they asked for assistance. They did not know it was the Misfit. He is known for he killed lots of people for survival.

Along with him are his males who are the one who killed Bailey and his household while Misfit killed granny. While the Misfit’s people are eliminating Bailey and his family, grandma desired Misfit to return to its faith and discover how to pray again. Nevertheless, nothing took place because Misfit declined to be manipulated by granny so when granny touches him, he felt that he was bitten by a snake that made him kill grandmother. This story included various aspects of social concerns– politics, economy, religion, and discrimination.

It likewise has different aspects and images that are relevant to the issues and issues of the society like the environment. The household’s journey is a method of telling its audience the value of living and approval. Red Sammy’s better half mentioned that whenever the Misfit went to their shop, she would not be surprise with it. It just means that approval is an emerging power to prevent the principle of worry and stress and anxiety. It also recognized the truth of opposing uniqueness– Red Sammy and the Misfit. Grandmother keep informing Red Sammy that he is an excellent male however Red Sammy remained quiet about this complement.

On the other hand, when grandma stated that the Misfit is an excellent guy for he belongs to a great family, he accepts what grandmother said and prides himself towards the enhance. It just suggests that people who do not do anything beyond the limit of the law do not have to offer their selves a thrown and crown simply to show that they are an excellent male, while individuals who dedicated various types of crimes pride themselves because these were their only possession aside from their own selves. The characters in this represent different impressions and ideologies about living, survival, and religion.

Among them most substantial part of the story is the interaction in between the Misfit and granny. Despite of the circumstances that grandma might have, she still deal with the struggle and fear of death because of her faith. She desires the Misfit to return to its past life as it end up being the servant of God but she could refrain from doing it, she does not have the power to teach the Misfit the best course. Her age was not an exemption to the Misfit’s intention. Even if granny asked him to let her live, he did not answer its favor because he do not trust anybody aside from his own self.

“I wasn’t there so I can’t say He didn’t,” The Misfit said. “I wisht I had of been there,” he stated, hitting the ground with his fist. “It ain’t right I wasn’t there since if I had of been there I would of known. Listen lady,” he said in a high voice, “if I had of been there I would of recognized and I wouldn’t be like I am now.” His voice appeared ready to crack and the grandma’s head cleared for an immediate. She saw the man’s face twisted close to her own as if he were going to cry and she murmured, “Why you are among my children. You’re one of my own kids!” She connected and touched him on the shoulder.

The Misfit bounced back as if a snake had bitten him and shot her 3 times through the chest. Then he put his gun down on the ground and took off his glasses and started to clean them. (O’Connor, 1977) This part of the story where granny speaks clearly to the Misfit despite of its discomfort and fear suggests that her objective to control the Misfit in a religious way do not make him understood his situation. The mere truth that he hesitated to let grandma live is a representation of rejection to recover his faith. It shows that spiritual issues are common to these type of individuals.

Due to the fact that they understood that they do not have anyone to lean and depend on, they would just count on their selves and do not wish to go back to their past. It refers option for individuals who resemble these for they can not think of possible services to their problem. In this case, it would be much better for them to acknowledge their own selves as their god so that no one must be blamed when they have actually done anything illegal. Political and economic problems also emerged in this circumstance as the Misfit reveals his experiences in the past that made him realized that people are unfair to do things to him without probable justifications.

It also encompasses discrimination for he has no power towards people who throw him to prison, he can not escape from the scenario and yet, he requires accept the effects. The grandma character is parallel to the author. Granny’s weird past likewise reveals the past of O’Connor. Despite of her system beliefs, she was ignored by the status symbol of the society that ladies must not hesitate in its standard responsibility.

Flannery O’Connor’s life was like the time of granny, as she revealed her precedent through her story. Throughout her life, this woman has actually been struggling with the shift from the ante-bellum values of lineage and gentility to those of a cash-oriented culture, and with the implications this shift has for the presumptions that underwrite her vanishing system of beliefs. While she does decline and even completely understood these ramifications, in her behavior she acknowledges them and tries some change.

The granny’s handling of signatures, while plainly showing the stress involved in this ongoing negotiation of adjustment and denial, also suggests that her difficulties arc associated to her failure to acknowledge fully the arbitrariness of the sign. (Owens, 1996) Criticism and analysis from different critics made a distinctive viewpoint relating to the characters of the story. Some writers priced quote some parts of O’Connor’s titles to indicate the facility of characterization of the characters like Tate’s “A Good Source is Not So Tough to Find” to expose the character and intent of grandmother in the narrative.

Another example is Schenck’s “An Excellent Guy” relies on the character of the Misfit as it experiences the beliefs and attack of granny’s ideologies. Fresher perspectives multiplied during the 1980s. J. O. Tate’s “A Great Source Is Not So Difficult to Find” uncovered newspaper sources for the character of The Misfit, and other research studies of O’Connor’s location and local realism added healthy correctives to the religious bent of so many of the vital approaches to the story. Most fascinating, perhaps, of recent point of views is Mary Jane Schenck’s study of deconstructed meaning in “A Good Man.

” Drawing upon the ideas of Paul de Man, this short article examines, as earlier studies had also, a conflict not only in between the grandma and The Misfit, however also between a self based upon self-knowledge and a self constructed from language in each of the characters. (Grund, 1999) As a whole, the author’s point of attack can be seen in the latter part of the story. It can be stated that she requires to establish the characters of Bailey’s household but they were simply instruments of grandmother’s journey.

It is unfortunate to understand that Bailey and his household was killed instantly without anything with their characters. The question will be, why did the author used these chaarcters if in the end, they were just absolutely nothing? There is a conflicting ending between these characters but with grandma and the Misfit, it take into consideration that men are still the highest symbolic status in the society.

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