`A good man is hard to find` by O’Connor Essay is Ventured to Portrayed a Significant Spiritual Style in the Story With Different Tastes of Tolerance

Flannery O’Connor is among the acknowledged and visionary scholars who have offered a wonderful and fascinating story to the readers in the kind of ‘An Excellent Man is Difficult to Discover.’ (Spivey, pp. 122) The author has actually ventured to portrayed a significant spiritual style in the story with different tastes of tolerance, prejudice, violence, etc that will be gone over briefly in this paper. In other words, the story is a sort of family journey in the vehicle that includes murder based upon incidents by the granny (O’Connor et al, pp.


It is kept in mind that O’Connor has actually constantly included a spiritual theme in his literary works (Magee, pp. 63). It has been finished with this story too, as the author has actually highlighted all the characters wanting for their wants just throughout the story. Till their fight with killers, they do not share any connection of love or understanding; nevertheless, end of the story brings a connection in the household, as the granny declares her kid in one of the convicts.

In this regard, author provided a status of grace to the grandma, and tried to discuss that God’s forgiveness can save every sinner.

(O’Connor et al, pp. 18) Chauvinism is another significant style in the story, as the author has actually portrayed grandma as an egotistical and racist person who is unaware of other lifestyles around her, and therefore, exclaims other people as excellent just when they originate from good background. This theme ends also in the end of the story when she understands her ignorance and prejudice habits. As constantly, O’Connor has included a violent style in her story to keep the readers undamaged by involving murders, convicts, conflict of granny with weapons that changed her understanding (O’Connor et al, pp.

17). However, after numerous styles of violence, religious beliefs, prejudice, and cruelty, the author has actually ended the story on a thoughtful note by highlighting grandmother’s awareness of humankind and God’s love. Works Cited O’Connor, Flannery & & Asals, Frederick. An Excellent Man Is Difficult to Discover. Rutgers University Press, 1993. Spivey, Ted R. Flannery O’Connor. Mercer University Press, 1997. Magee, Rosemary M. Friendship and Compassion. University of Mississippi Press, 1992.

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