“A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor Essay

“A Good Guy Is Tough to Find” by Flannery O’Connor is about a family from Georgia who are killed on a road trip to Florida. It begins with the grandmother complaining to her boy Bailey that she would rather go to Tennessee for holiday and not Florida. She tells him about a left killer who is going to Florida called the Misfit in hopes to change his mind. The day of the trip the granny is worn her finest and prepared to pass away as a girl if something need to happen to them en route.

They stop at a barbecue dining establishment for lunch, where the Grandma talks with the owner Red Sammy about the Misfit and how tough it is to find an excellent man. Back in the vehicle the grandma talks about a home she saw when she was young, lying stating that your home has secret passages that makes the children want to see it more. They begin to jump and kick the back of the seat in front of them till the father concurs.

When they get on an old deserted road the granny understands that your home remains in Tennessee. The granny gets flustered and scares her cat which jumped up on Baily, triggering him lose control of the cars and truck and it flip and land in a ditch. The adults remain in shock and the kids are thrilled as if the accident was an adventure to them.

As the household sit and await assistance a cars and truck comes and three men march. One the grandmother acknowledges at the Misfit. The Misfit informs them he wanted she had not recognized him indicating that he would not have actually killed them if she did not. Beginning with the daddy and kid the other 2 guys takes all of the household other than the granny into the woods and kills them. The granny pleads for her life as she hears the gunshots and tries to encourage the Misfit that he is a great guy, and for him to pray. The Misfit goes into a rant informing the grandma all about him his past which he was convicted for a criminal activity he did not devote. After all of her family is eliminated the grandmother is sitting there her head ends up being clear and she says “Why you are among my babies. You’re one of my own kids” and she touched him. He shoots her 3 times in the chest and said “She would have been a great lady, if it has actually been someone there to shoot her every minute of her life”. In this analysis I will be comparing characteristics from the grandmother and the Misfit to find out who has more morals.

Is it the granny or the Misfit? The first characteristic of both Characters is making use of religious beliefs. The Grandmother cries out for Jesus informing the Misfit” You have actually got great blood! I understand you wouldn’t shoot a lady! I know you come from great individuals! Hope! Jesus, you ought not shoot a lady!” She tells him he is an excellent male over and over once again hoping it might persuade him that in reality he is an excellent guy and will not kill her. The Misfit has more of a spiritual background than the granny. He was called a prophet failed. He was previously a gospel singer. He compares himself with Jesus when he said “Jesus thrown everything off balance. It was the exact same case with him other than He hadn’t dedicated any criminal offense and they could prove I had committed one due to the fact that they had the documents on me”. He told the grandma “Jesus was the only one that ever raised the dead, and he shouldn’t have actually done it. He thrown everything off balance. If he did what he stated, then it’s absolutely nothing for you to do however thow away everything and follow him, and if he didn’t then its nothing for you to do however enjoy the couple of minutes you got left the very best you can- by killing someone or burning down his home or doing some other meaness to him. No Satisfaction in meanness”.

The 2nd characteristic of both Characters is morals. The granny considers herself ethically exceptional to others by virtue of her being a “woman,” and she freely and frequently passes judgment on others. She claims that her conscience is a guiding force in her life, such as when she informs Bailey that her conscience wouldn’t enable her to take the kids in the same direction as the Misfit. She criticizes the kids’s mom for not traveling to a place that would enable the children to “be broad,” and she compares the mom’s face to a cabbage. She rebukes John Wesley for not having more respect for Georgia, his house state. She also takes any opportunity to evaluate the absence of goodness in people on the planet today.

Throughout all this, she proudly wears her carefully picked gown and hat, certain that being a girl is the most essential virtue of all, one that she alone harbors. The grandma never turns her crucial eye on herself to inspect her own hypocrisy, dishonesty, and selfishness. For example, the conscience the grandmother invokes at the start of the story is conveniently silent when she slips Pitty Sing into the automobile, lies to the kids about the secret panel, and decides not to expose that she slipped up about the location of your home.

When the Misfit murders the household, the grandmother never ever once pleads him to spare her children or grandchildren. She does, however, advocate her own life since she can’t imagine the Misfit wanting to eliminate a lady. She appears particular that he’ll recognize and appreciate her values, as though it will indicate something to him in spite of his criminal methods. She attempts to draw him into her world by assuring him that he’s a good guy, but although he agrees with her assessment of him, he doesn’t see this as a reason to spare her. Only when the grandmother is dealing with death, in her last minutes alone with the Misfit, does she understand where she has gone wrong in her life. Rather of transcending, she realizes, she is flawed like everybody else. When she tells the Misfit that he is “one of her own children,” she is showing that she has discovered the ability to see others with empathy and understanding. This is a minute of realization, one that is right away followed by her death.

The Misfit seems a not likely source to want to for spiritual or moral guidance, however he demonstrates a deep conviction that the other characters do not have. Unlike the granny, who just assumes that she is ethically remarkable to everyone else, the Misfit seriously concerns the significance of life and his function in it. He has actually carefully considered his actions in life and analyzed his experiences to find lessons within them. He has even relabelled himself because of among these lessons, believing that his punishment didn’t fit his crime. Due to the fact that the Misfit has actually questioned himself and his life so carefully, he exposes a self-awareness that the granny does not have. He knows he isn’t a terrific guy, however he likewise understands that there are others worse than him. The Misfit’s philosophies might be depraved, however they are consistent. Unlike the grandmother, whose values falls apart the minute it’s challenged, the Misfit has a constant view of life and acts according to what he thinks is right.

His beliefs and actions are not ethical in the standard sense, however they are strong and constant and therefore offer him strength of conviction that the grandma lacks. Twisted as it may be, he can count on his moral code to assist his actions. The grandma can not, and in the last minutes of her life, she recognizes his strength and her weaknesses. O’Connor called the Misfit a “prophet gone wrong,” and indeed, if he had actually applied his ethical integrity to a less depraved way of life, he could have been thought about a real preacher, pillar, or teacher. The 3rd and last trait of both Characters is awareness. Both the grandmother and the Misfit had an unexpected awareness.

The grandmother recognized that the Misfit was just a human just like her she said “Why you’re one of my infants. You are among my own children”. The Misfit realized that eliminating offered him no enjoyment he said, stated “She would have been an excellent woman, if it has actually been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life”. In Conclusion it appears that in truth the killer (prophet gone wrong) has more moral than the grandma, which his faith in Jesus is more powerful.

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