A Good Man Is Hard to Find and The Immoral Character of the Misfit

A Good Guy Is Tough to Find

A Great Guy Is Difficult To Discover I believe “An Excellent Male is Difficult to Find” was written partially in order to convert individuals who have not yet fully accepted the Christian faith. From my research study, the author, herself being a strong follower in Christianity, probably believed that composing this story will assist make individuals who aren’t actually living by the Christian rules to seriously consider doing so. In “An Excellent Guy Is Tough to Discover,” the grandmother and Misfit lived by their ethical beliefs that influence their choices, actions, and understandings.

Although initially glimpse the Misfit’s ethical beliefs seems to be misguided, it is actually the granny’s morals that proves to be lightweight and inconsistent. In my opinion, I think that the Misfit was constantly experiencing a deep inner battle and this was revealed in his discussion with Grandmother. The immoral character of the Misfit was extremely well represented, along with the character of the Granny. Most of the characters in “A Great Man is Tough to Find” go through some kind of modifications in their views of the world and in their perceptions about life and death. Such character in this particular story was the Grandmother.

The unnamed granny considers herself ethically remarkable to others by virtue of her being a woman and her easily and often passes judgment on others. She declares that her conscience was a directing force in her life, such as when she told Bailey that her conscience wouldn’t enable her to take the kids in the exact same instructions as the Misfit. She criticizes the kids’s mother for not traveling to a location that would permit the kids to be broad, and she compared the mom’s face to a cabbage. She disciplines John Wesley for not having more regard for Georgia, his house state.

She likewise takes any chance to be judgmental at the lack of goodness in individuals in the world today. Throughout all this, she proudly wore her thoroughly picked dress and hat, specific that being a woman was the most important virtue of all, one that she alone harbors. The granny never ever turned her vital eye on herself to check her own hypocrisy, dishonesty, and selfishness. For example, the conscience the granny conjures up at the start of the story is conveniently silent when she slipped Pitty Sing the cat into the automobile, lied to the kids about the secret panel, and decided not to expose hat she made a mistake about the place of the house. When the Misfit methodically murders the family, the grandmother never as soon as pleads him to spare her children or grandchildren. She does, nevertheless, advocated her own life because she couldn’t think of the Misfit wanting to kill a girl. She seems specific that he would acknowledge and respect her moral code, as though it will indicate something to him regardless of his criminal methods. She attempted to draw him into her world by ensuring him that he’s a good man, however despite the fact that he agreed with her assessment of him, he didn’t see this as a factor to spare her.

Just when the granny was facing death, in her final moments alone with the Misfit, did she understand where she had actually failed in her life. Rather of transcending, she understood, she is flawed like everyone else. When she informed the Misfit that he is among her own kids, she was revealing that she had actually discovered the ability to see others with empathy and understanding. This was a moment of awareness, one that was instantly followed by her death.

Possibly, in a way, the Misfit represents the brand-new generation of young and religiously misdirected individuals, and Grandmother represents the old generation, which has grown somewhat distanced from religion. In my opinion this is a take on the religious concept. Might be the story probably wished to provoke readers and to make them reconsider their own spiritual notions and suitables. Recommendation Sources: Keil, Katherine. “O’connor’s A GREAT MAN IS DIFFICULT TO DISCOVER.” Explicator 65. 1 (2006 ): 44-47. Academic Search Elite. Web. 9 Mar. 2012.

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