Even Prior to the Story Unfolds There Is Easy Irony in A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Even prior to the story unfolds there is easy irony that in Simply the title of An Excellent Man Is Tough To Discover, where a good family vacation develops into a dreadful murder. When I first began reading, I never ever thought that the story would have such an ending. The state of mind of the story went from regular to sad relatively quickly.

There was an example of foreshadowing at the start of the story when the grandma dressed up nicely so f there was an accident anybody seeing her in death will understand that she was a woman.

The granny seems to think that her morals for life are proper and her thoughts and beliefs transcend to that of anyone else’s. She could see everybody’s defects except her own. I do not think the grandmother Is an excellent person, with her uppity attitude, and constant ridicule of her kid, and how she made the declaration” Oh take a look at the adorable little picnicking shows how she’s actually oblivious of the world beyond her own mind. The grandmothers perception of excellent is undoubtedly of her own morals as she stated That Red Sam had actually been a good male for letting somebody cheat him out of his money.

Certainly getting cheated out of your money is not an advantage. There is situational Paradox in the story because as the granny speak about not going to Florida since there Is a misfit, no one takes note of her, even dismissing what she was saying and them not listening to her put them on deaths course. The grandmother alerts that The Misfit is on the loose, but the household picks to head towards Florida anyhow. The way the situation took place not listening to her and listening to her brought about their demise.

Another example of irony is that although the grandmother stated she would never ever take her household to a place where a Misfit is running a lose she winds up leading them to the Misfit anyhow. While driving the granny becoming nostalgic from seeing a dirt roadway and considers an old plantation and wanting to see It again lies about your house have trapped doors making the kids ask to see it. At this moment in the story the granny leads the household into their death due to the fact that she didn’t discussed that she slipped up about the plantation that she remember was in Tennessee and they were in Georgia.

After remembering her feet Leaps scaring the feline that she wasn’t supposed to cause the trip to Jump onto Bailey causing him to spin, hence leading Into the fated mishap. There was another example of situational Paradox since the aid that the household got after the mishap takes place to be the Misfit the grandma originally warned bout, however they simply occur to be in Georgia and were expected to be in Florida.

I think the Grandma knew she was going to pass away since as the Misfit lead her son and his household away she called the Misfit a good male” and that he would not shoot a girl. She pled for her life and did not care to attempt and conserve her kid or grandchildren. She Simply kept claiming to the misfit that he was “a good guy”, despite the fact that he mentioned which is why he went around eliminating individuals in order to satisfy his life. He knew what he was doing was wrong however he killed the grandmother anyhow.

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