A Film Analysis of 12 Angry Men, a Film Directed by Sidney Lumet

12 Angry Guys (1956) is a movie about a court jury determining the decision of a murder trial. The film features a little group of the standard 12 individual jury. The movie itself can be summed up as 12 guys arguing in a space for an hour and a half however we’re here to speak about the group’s characteristics.

The group is a secondary group. It is a team with the function of finishing a task. The interdependence of the group is the basis of the whole film. Since it’s a jury the 12 males have to make an unanimous choice about the case. Everyone in the group has an effect on the other people on the group. In the beginning all but one man see the accused as guilty, due to the interdependence of the group, they are incapable of reaching the goal without that male’s vote being the exact same. As Interaction Matters (Kory Floyd) puts it “little groups are cohesive”. In this group, they are working towards the typical goal of a verdict. They need cohesion to accomplish it.

The group establishes relatively rapidly from forming and having stiff speech to storming and getting aggressive and impolite with one another. During the very first vote towards a decision there appears to be a little bit of public compliance groupthink that takes place as a male or more raise their hands a bit hesitantly towards the choose guilty. To prevent this later the one male who voted innocent put forth the idea to do an anonymous vote to remove pressure from the rest of the group so everyone could feel they had the option to vote freely. This works and begins the procedure of the jury one by one changing their votes to innocent. Eventually the when the jury reach the final decision of not guilty the last male to alter his vote appears to suffer a bit from personal acceptance groupthink. Seeing that everyone is now opposed to him, and that he is no longer particular of how to continue his argument, he yields and changes his vote.

Early on one male takes on the informal function as leader. He keeps people organized and tallies the votes keeping an eye on the group’s progress. Due to the fact that he has no genuine power over the group and informally took the position he leads in a democratic method. Mainly noticeable in the method he constantly asks if individuals are opposed to taking a vote or the voting approach. However within the group there are in a method 2 leaders. Since in the starting just one man votes innocent, it is them put on him to lead the motion of exploring the possibility of an innocent verdict, thus having the leader of the whole group and a sub leader with a more specific job within the group.

The group engages mainly in issue resolving communication (Interaction matters pp. 213-214), discussing proof to identify which way to vote. The group likewise engages in encounter communication the dispute typically gets heated and the discussion modifications from the case to at one another, likewise throughout breaks the jury members talk among each other about non case associated topics such as weather condition or jobs.

At one point in the future at the same time when the majority of the group has actually altered its vote to not guilty. Among the guys still voting guilty gets extremely stressed and aggressively yells his argument, rather than engage the man and intensify to the argument, the guys turn away from him to disengage from him and let him burnout to diffuse the tension of the scenario. The shouting guy doing not have an audience is required to cool down and decompress. The conflict resolution strategy being that of avoiding.

Because of the environment the group not all the 5 actions of getting mingled into a little group take place. Due to the fact that jury duty is necessary the men didn’t have to think of if they wished to sign up with or not making the antecedent stage not relevant. The anticipatory stage was most likely greatly in play however the movie does not show it. The encounter would have taken place in the court space. The assimilation stage happened while the jury remained in the space choosing a verdict. Lastly the exit stage happened when all the guys made the cohesive vote of innocent and left the courthouse having actually completed their task.

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