A Beautiful Mind (Summary)

A Stunning Mind (Summary)

A Beautiful Mind (Summary) linds690 A Gorgeous Mind Sylvia Nasar 1.) A.) A Beautiful Mind isa biography based on the events that happened to a mathematical genius John Forbes Nash Jr. He was invited to go to Princeton University on only one term, and it was to create a genuinely original idea based upon utilizing mathematics. Once he is registered in Princeton he is looked at as a social castaway Once affer stemming his idea of uuhat other mathematicians believed was unsolvable, he shocked the mathematical world by ending up being a total genius.

After dealing with dellusions he was gradually losing his mind. He believed he was working for the Department of Defense doing top secret work, deciphering messages from the Russians. Nash also had in his mind that the Russians wanted him, so he thought him and his wife, Alicia, needed to keep a low prone. Soon, he completly breaks down and he thinks he his being held against his will by the Russians, when in reality he is schizophrenic. It was really difficult for John to overcome the dellusions and see truth from his dreamylike world.

Finally, after being launched from the health center, John had a few more breakdowns, but he soon sees that he had to deal with these dellusions for the rest of his life. Nash, askes for a second possibility at mentor and quickly launches againt at MI T. He wins co. ‘eryone over with his extraordinaty initial concept, and he was nominated for the Nobel peace reward. Iohn Forbes Nash Jr. was an extraordinary mathematician who did wound up Winning the Nobel Peace Prize and still taught his trainees. B. One subplot of this novel is how John Nash is not only a mathematical genius but he is likewise schizophrenic, this includes another twist to the book. This makes the book extremely interesting, due to the fact that you don’t understand who is genuine and who is not, up until the other characters expose than I would keep this subplot, since it makes the tory a little various, and you actually have to take notice of detail, This truly keeps the reader thinking about continuing the book. 2.) A.) John Nash is a typical looking male.

Intellectually is a genius, a mathematical genius. John is not an extremely social individual, considering he is dellusional and has triends who aren’t reaL Throughout the novel he ends up being good friends with some people, however other than that he wasn’t a very social person. Mentally John is really unstable. he has a difficult time handling reality. Alicia is extremely femine and cares d lot for John. Alicia was one of John’s trainees earlier on in the novel. She tried to resolve among his mathematics problems. She is an excellent student, and was extremely wise.

Alicia, is an extremely social individual, she was able to introduce herself to John and ask him out to dinner. She is really stable with her emotions, she was able to deal with whatever Iohn went through, and stuck hy his side the whole time. Wheeler is an older guy, who “works” for the Department of Defense. He is a figure of John’s imagination. He gets in John’s head and makes him think he is genuine. He is a smart man, since he decieves John. In John’ dellusions Wheeler is a supersecret male who keeps a low profile, so he isn’t really ocial and he only talks to John in all occasions in the book.

The only feelings that Wheeler shows are anger, when John informs him he isn’t genuine, and he is very persuasive, Charles Herman is an Irish guy. He is John’s roomie, however he is likewise not genuine. He helps John in solving mathematics problems, he is smart. Alicia speaks Of Charles to John’s doctor, but then she reveals after all these years she has never once seen him. The only individuals Charles talks with is John and his niece. When John remains in the medical facility Charles exists and he is unfortunate, that is the only emotion he reveals.

A) It uuere rhe casting director for the movie the stars and actresses would pick would be Jim Carey for John Nash, due to the fact that he looks like he could play this part effectively. He has actually done many comedy motion pictures, however when he plays a serious function it’s very good. For Alicia Nash would pick, Scarlett Johansen, because she’s played in motion pictures where the setting is from the SO’s and 60’s and she does it effectively. would choose MI Grundell for Wheeler, because could see him as a figure of somebody’s creativity For Charles Herman, uuould select Colin Farrell, due to the fact that he is Irish, and I think he might play it off well,

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