A Beautiful Mind: Ethical and Unethical

A Lovely Mind: Ethical and Dishonest

There were several ethical and unethical circumstances in the film and very first I will begin with the ethical. John Nash is granted the opportunity to work for Wheeler Laboratory for making up his own initial idea. This Is something very honorable and belonging to the Wheeler Laboratory was something of high standards. On the very same note, It was very honorable of Anna’s challenger, Martin Hansen, to praise John Nash on winning the opportunity to be with the Wheeler Laboratory. The position was a very competitive area, so when Nash won it was great sportsmanship that Hansen was content with Anna’s success.

When it comes to unethical occurrences, here are the couple of I picked out. Martin Hansen “presumed” that John Nash was the waiter at the table. I state presumed because Hansen was playing dumb and Simply wished to insult or tease Nash. Second, Dir. Nash tells his student that his ability to speak comes second to how well Nash can hear himself. This was unprofessional due to the fact that of the lack of courtesy Nash did not have as a teacher. The next point is dishonest since It is something frowned upon In society. The way John Nash tries to be with a lady by telling her straight forwardly that he Simply wants sex.

This Is not something gentlemanly towards a lady. John Nash goes through a series of dreams where he believes he Is Involved with a secret part of the government. Nash later on Is caught by a psychologist and his employees. When required to the hospital, the director lets the audience know that Nash is identified with schizophrenia. This mental condition makes the identified produce fantasies from the mind and turn them into reality. Although the dreams are not genuine to everybody else the diagnosed thinks whatever they see is genuine.

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