A Beautiful Mind Chapter 50 Summary

A Lovely Mind Chapter 50 Summary

Regardless of some fears that he would struggle to act properly, Nash is absolutely fine at the Nobel award ceremony and at the involved press events. He is doing and feeling “things that [have] lain beyond his grasp for years” (379 ). When Nash’s private audience with the King drags out, people begin to fret. Nevertheless, after ten minutes, Nash emerges “looking unwinded, even entertained” (380 ), reporting that they had had a long, mutual discussion about “the mistakes of driving quick on the left-hand side of the road” (380 ).

After the fanfare of the Nobel event, Nash lives “a peaceful life” (380 ). He works at the IAS and his and Alicia’s routines are mainly dictated by “the twin needs of earning a living and taking care of Johnny” (380 ). He still produces respected research study however is decreasing and “lots of days he is not able to work” (381 ). He stresses that he might not be a good advert for someone who has actually recuperated from schizophrenia “unless I can do some great” (382 ). More than this, Nash frets about Johnny.

While things had actually looked promising when he was in his twenties, Johnny’s mental health scrubby and he was required to return house and no longer work. He remains in and out of hospital, getting better and then refusing to take his medicine. Nash “is his caretaker [and] takes it for given that his kid is his obligation” (384 ). Nash stays “stubborn, reserved, self-indulgent, and jealous of his time” however he is trying to “be more sensitive and accommodating,” acknowledging that he has “social faults and […] make [s] Alicia very mad” (385 ).

There “is even some conversation of remarrying” (386) but they consider it unwise and, eventually, unnecessary as, certificate or not, “they are a genuine couple once again” (386 ). Nash attempts, with differing success, to be there for Alicia and for both his sons. Sometimes he fails but he continues to attempt and apologize and improve. Although nobody can know if he will regression again and lose the connections he is having a hard time to make, “the disjunction of idea and emotion that identified Nash’s personality, not just when he was ill, however even previously are much less apparent today” (388 ).

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