A Beautiful Mind Case Analysis

A Gorgeous Mind Case Analysis

A Beautiful Mind Case Analysis adlinatika Chapter I Back Ground of Research Study Beautiful Mind Case and Schizophrenia is among the most challenging conditions. It is likewise unsolved issues of contemporary psychiatry McKenna (2007) state that Schizophrenia is the most unusual and puzzling disorder It is likewise one of the most tough disorders that require to treat effectively. The label schizophrenia was introduced by Eugene, psychiatrist from Swiss in 1911.

Schizophrenia in that time recognized as one of household psycho condition that consists of serious disturbance in the pattern f believed, communication role, understanding, psychological expression and behavior. A diagnose at Schizophrenia state that a Schizophrenic requires proof that a person misapprehension reality and shows disordered attention, thought or perception. Schizophrenic typically far from social interaction, she or he interacts in unusual or unsuitable methods. Schizophrenic thought involves deceptions and hallucination, a schizophrenic might think that someone tollowed him (a misconception of persecution).

According to McKenna & & Oh (2003 ), perceptual disorganization and disordered thought ecome more pronounced as people advance into a schizophrenic condition. The language of Schizophrenic is typically messy too, and it may consist of unusual words that unrelated. Davison and Neale (2001) state that Schizophrenia has cognitive, emotional and behavioral facets that can vary commonly trom case to case. Schizophrenia distinguishes into 4 types: Paranoid Schizophrenia. Disorganized Schizophrenia, Catatonic Schizophrenia and Undifferentiated Schizophrenia.

A Lovely Mind is a really stunning motion picture. It is about a schizophrenic mathematician The real story of mathematician John Forbes Nash. The mportant part of A Stunning Mind film focuses on Nash’s mathematical lite, We see the ravage impact that the paranoid schizophrenia has on this fantastic mathematician. Nash believes that he is splitting code for the Pentagon. he sees bizarre messages in papers and publications and unnoticeable algorithms everß’here, the imaginan/ or fantasy people become a growing number of common.

The stony ot Nobel Reward winner John Forbes Nash proves that psychiatrists are incorrect about schizophrenia being a brain illness like Alzheimers and Parkinson’s. According to A Beatiful Mind film is understood that John Nash suffered from aranoid schizophrenia, which defined by signs or signs like delusion and Hallucination. John Nash presence that he experiences a deception ot persecution, the belief that the individual or group (the federal government firm and the Russian spy) being threatened or planning to hurt himself, This makes paranoid delusions.

Delusion Of grandeur. the belief that he has an advantage and strength to become important, he beliefs that he is a code breaker, John Nash considers himself was the very best secret code-breaking. Delusion ot impact is the belief that outside power are trying to control his houghts and actions, Stress factor or occasions that suppress The schizophrenic Nash more badly are: he stops working to carry out to get the goals, he feel unable to serve her partner. nd he might not work or get task back. Other than Misconception and hallucination Nash also presence that he discover the difficulties in using the word, he often stated numerous unassociated word like ‘Terrified, motifled, pertified, stuffed by you” Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which generally can just be treated with medication, and since John Nash made the decision to not take medications, and utilize his own mind to increase he learns to live with his devils and go back to his genuine

A geautiful Mind, the story at John Forbes Nash, it is a story about the mysten,’ of the human mind in 3 acts, genius viewpoint, insanity and reawakening side. Schizophrenia takes in an individual’s life, like John Nash story. It affects his physical body, in addition to the mind. It puts tension on outside relationships also. gecause of societys paradigm versus mental disorders like Schizophrenia, the Schizophrenic are resistant to look for treatment.

While the reason for Schizophrenia is not fully understood. A Lovely Mind shows that Schizophrenia is simply one of the deadly mental isorders that can turn an individual fantasy for the uninflected into truth. It is very crucial to learn more about the symptoms, the theory that proof Schizophrenia and likewise the effect of schizophrenia. It is very important to know what to handle schizophrenia, it is truly well-informed to understand, how to take preventative action.

Chapter 2 Theoretical Structure Schizophrenia is an illness that includes modifications in all aspects of mental function, like think disorders, affective distortions and hallucinations, delusions, and emotionaL The causes of schizophrenia were inadequately understood, there are a wide range of theories were proposed for the evelopment of schizophrenia itself, Cognitive Theory Cognitive theory focuses on thinking and processing of details gased on Cognitive Theory psychological conditions like Schizophrenia are caused by malfunctioning or illogical thoughts or perceptions. picl Figure I Cognitive Model of Problem Faulty ideas or understandings that Schizophrenic experienced are the basis of psychological disorder. The cognitive psychologist would discuss depression in terms of downhearted outlook on life. Like John Nash stated in a gorgeous Mind Story, “I don’t like people much, due to the fact that they do not like me mucht Schizophrenic resence that they come up with malfunctioning thought about others or environment.

Schizophrenia signs are a mix of faulty perceptions (hallucinations) and defective ideas (misconceptions). The cognitive success in describing anxiery disorders or we called as paranoid, it is also success describing anxiety because Of the negative attitude. Cognitive Patterns in Type vs II – Favorable signs– Excess– Misconceptions, hallucinations, loose associations – Negative signs– Doing not have– Poor inspiration, social withdrawal, flat affect, lessened speech content Functional Abilities

Cognitive Theory browses the function of the schizophrenic brain have actually shown a variety of distinctions in regard to activity _ Compared to normal controls, the brains of schizophrenia patients reveal unusual activation pattems in numerous brain regions in response to a job (Gur & & Gur, 2005). Neu itive Shortage Neurocognitive shortage is deficits in cognitive capabilities due to the fact that of poor brain function. Schizophrenic typically poorly on all cognitive tasks.

There are following locations of problems cognitive in schizophrenia: – General Intellectual Capability – Verbal Memory – Non-verbal Memory – Recognition?? Executive Functions Motor Skills – Language – Attention – Processing Speed Delusions According to Beck et al. (2009) delusions take place since of inefficient cognitive schemas. Cognitive schemas are mental representations of oneself in relation to the world and other individuals; they influence how a person interprets their experiences ot life.

In schizophrenia, inefficient cognitive schemas arise when an individual experiences malfunctioning or unreasonable thoughts or understandings. Like John Forbes Nash experience, he feels “people do not like him so much”. Memories of hazard can result in expectations of future risk. See figure I. I) Here are some examples ot deceptions and cognitive schemas: Misconceptions of Persecution – Beliefs of individual attack (e. g. person feel someone followed him) – Beliefs in others destructive intentions (e, g, a person feel others around him doesn’t like his existence) Misconceptions of Influence – Beliefs of the self as helpless – Beliefs of others as powerful Deceptions of Magnificence – Belief otthe selt as powerful – Belief of others as unrewarding and inferior Hallucinations The important element of Schizophrenic is the understanding that the hallucinations are externally generated.

The attribution that Schizophrenic make associated to their hallucinations leads them to end up being psychotic signs. Terrible occasions or over faulty understanding can represent in hallucinations. For instance, John Nash believes that individuals do not like him, they create a hallucination that he fulfill Charles, his roommate The hallucinations of Charles might turn up because of the over understanding of John Nash. This example emphasize the leaning of schizophrenia external life that perceive internal thought coming from outside.

Official Thought Condition The cognitive design of schizophrenia state that official idea disorder ymptoms that Schi70phrenic experiences is since ot diminished cognitive resources, especially that involved in the information processing that include language. Schizophrenic feel having regular conversation is rather hard, Schizophrenic can’t pick suitable word to state and they can’t monitor what they state. All of these activities position demands on the client’s restricted cognitive resources.

Recommendation Therapy Based on Cognitive Theory Cognitive behavior modification (CAT) establishes trom cognitive theory and tocus on cognitive designs that incorporated reappraisal of thinking errors and schema hange strategies. CBT is show based talking therapy that attempts cognitive and behavioral change of Schizophrenic personal history and their problems. The treatment idea developed based upon behavioral concepts, it is not only acknowledged how the behavior of Schizophrenic however likewise emphasized clear relationships between cognition, physiolcß’, and feeling of Schizophrenic.

CBT for schizophrenia concentrate on behavioral techniques to impact change and the secondary concentrate on the cognitive components. CBT for schizophrenia concentrated on improving dealing with life, developing social and independent living abilities, nd increasing compliance using behavioral methods. CBT therapists prff’ide treatment such as the function ot stress, more positive and confident perspectives [picl Figure I. 2 Schema Treatments (CBT) Chapter 3 Case Analysis The Cognitive Theory View related with John Nash Case Based on cognitive theory, schizophrenic focus on processing of information.

Cognitive Theory state that psychological conditions like Schizophrenia are caused by defective or illogical ideas or understandings. Like John Nash story, he thinks that no one like his existence. Nash said “I do not like people much, due to the fact that they don’t like me much. The cognitive model discusses schizophrenia in regards to distress, when it comes to John Forbes Nash. the cognitive theory will explain that the condition develops in action to stress factor. The stressors that experiences by John might be psychosocial aspect (environment and individuals around).

The more stressors accumulate, the greater person develops schizophrenia, Nash his stressor may collect and develop his Schizophrenia more complex, a number of distinctions in term of activity, in the other word there is a deficiency in regards to cognitive part. John Nash case shown that he has the difficulties in espond a task, it show when John has a problems to do what his teacher stated, his professor desires Nash to come to the class and follow the lecturer area however Nash can not do that task. He thinks that class will dull his mind. He more interested to do outdoors activity in order to get his initial idea.

Nash shown that he can refrain from doing what individuals order him to do, his brain shown unusual activation pattern. Delusion and Hallucination Schizophrenia made an inefficient cognitive schemas, the schemas develop when a person experiences malfunctioning or irrational ideas or perceptions. Like John Forbes Nash experience, he feels individuals don’t like him so much, his Schizophrenia made an inefficient cognitive schemas, where in this case John establish a delusion. a. Delusion Percecution Misconceptions of persecution is a delusion where the schizophrenic beliefs of personal attack, the Schizophrenic beliefs that someone followed them.

Nash also feel that he followed by William Parcher and Russian spy. Nash become fear, he feels unpleasant. Nash experienced delusional. b, Misconception Grandeur Deceptions of grandeur is a delusion where the schizophrenic beliefs that they crucial. Nash case, he presume that he work for federal government, he help pentagon to break a code. He feels that he is special since he has the capability to break a code. The vital element of Schizophrenic is the understanding itself. The hallucinations are externally generated, like what Nash feel. The attribution that Nash make associated to their hallucinations leads them to end up being psychotic symptoms.

Nash taulw understanding represent in hallucinations. Nash thinks that individuals do not like him; they produce a hallucination that he fulfills Charles and Mercee, The hallucinations Of Charles might come up since Of the over negative erception of John Nash. This example highlight the leaning of schizophrenia external life that perceive internal thought originating from outside. The cognitive design of schizophrenia explain that official thought disorder signs that Nash experiences is because of diminished cognitive resources, that associated with the info processing (include language).

Automatically Nash having a problem to built discussion, Nash can’t choose suitable word to say and he can’t monitor what he says. Treatment that therapist utilized to handle Nash in this case was medication and electroconvulsive treatment (ECT). This treatment technique sends electrical energy through the brain in an attempt to produce electric modifications in the clients brain Affer the scared treatment Nash get extra treatment, that called as ICT. Insulin coma therapy (ICTI is the first effective treatments for schizophrenia at that time.

The Therapist used insulin to lower the stress and anxiety, anxiousness and also minimize withdrawal. With insulin. clients became calm and end up being much more cooperative. The injections direct the client to numerous hours of low blood sugar level levels, when blood sugar levels fall automatically the rain of patients can’t preserve their consciousness and the patients become insensible, Chapter 4 Conclusion and Conversation A Beautiful Mind is a motivating story about schizophrenia. A Lovely Mind succeeds in describing the disturbed thinking. feeling, understanding, and the habits of the condition.

This film constructs public understanding of schizophrenia. film describes the indications that might suggest someone is leaning to become schizophrenic include: – withdrawal – Unreasonable beliefs – Increased paranoia or – emotionless – Speaking in a strange manner Based upon A stunning Mind Story the treatment that the physician utilized is ECT and ICT treatment, really there is a recommendation treatment that comes up from Cognitive Theory, we called Cognitive behauiorrherapy CBT focus on cognitive designs that integrated reappraisal of thinking errors and schema change methods.

CBT evidence based on talking treatment that tries cognitive and behavioral change of Schizophrenic personal history and their issues. When it comes to a stunning mind, according to cognitive theory, therapy CBT (Cognitive Behavior Theom may be one alternative treatment, When compared to FCT and ICT therapies look more extreme is better, due to the fact that the technique to the patient. Referral Dinesh Bhugra. (2010 ). Cognitive Behavioral Theory. In Mental Treatment and Psychosocial Interventions in the Treatment and Management of Schizophrenia (chap 8.

No 257. ). Retrieved 19th September 2012. John Nash & & Sylvia Nasar(2001i A Beautiful Mind. New York City: Picture Home entertainment Schizophrenia (n. d. ). Retrieved 23th September 201 2, from w. -. wsane. org. uk Raquel E. Gur, M. D., Ph. D. & & (2006 ). Advance Acclaim for If Your Adolescent Has Schizophrenia. New York City: Oxford Universiry Press, Inc The Cognitive Explanation Of Schizophrenia (n. d. ). Retrieved 19th September 2012, from http://alevelpsychology. co. uk

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