12 Angry Men – The Knife

12 Angry Men– The Knife

Ladies and Gentlemen will we review each piece of proof. Lets test the knife and the stabbing. It was said before the knife is special, indicating its one of a kind, but down the block at a local shop u can purchase the same knife.

It is the exact same precise knife as the one the boy owns, which means the shopkeeper was incorrect when he explained there was only one of its kind. Now, lets discuss how the father died. The knife was left in him in a down position.This explains 2 methods it could not have actually been my customer. One way is the father is taller then his kid, how would my client stab the father in a down position if he was much shorter then him. It would’ve been in an up due to the position of the knife, my client would’ve needed to reach all the method up in the air and he still wouldn’t have a possibility to stab downward on such the angle it was. Another method it proves it was not my customer was because my customer is an experienced knife fighter, sadly.

An experienced knife fighter holds a switchblade with a upward position and if the knife was left in the father with a downward position then it was certainly by an inexperienced knife fighter and as you all know he has his share of knife battles. With all the event’s my customer has actually gone through he has only gained from, therefore we pertain to the conclusion that he is street smart. If my client is street clever then why would he yell I’m going to eliminate you and after that stab him in a down position.Another way I can prove the killer was no street clever was because why would an individual who is street clever yell “I’m going to eliminate you” and after that whip the finger prints off the knife. The killer couldn’t have actually been street smart if he would do something like that. Ladies and Gentlemen it doesn’t make good sense; my client does not fit into the mold the prosecution has made. Now there were other witnesses that operate at the Cinema where my customer was on the night of the murder.

There are a lot of faces at a Theater, would you keep in mind one face after seeing hundreds of different faces all day?My client could’ve sneaked into the films and been too embarrassed to state it. He likewise does not keep in mind the film he saw but you should remember he simply entered a substantial battle with his papa; his mind probably was not on the motion picture at the time. He could’ve been so sidetracked with the argument that he didn’t trouble taking note of little things like the title of the motion picture. Also, it was a late night so he may’ve simply went to the movies to avoid his daddy and wind up falling asleep in the Movie Theater for a while and not remember the movie.There are lots of possibilities, which should leave reasonable doubt in your mind that suggests you should vote not guilty Ok releases over the old guy that declares he heard my client scream and claimed he saw my client run out of the home. People this man heard my client yell, “I’m going to eliminate you” with an El-train death by his window? When a El-train is passing you can’t even hear yourself think, there is no chance this man heard my client plainly state “I’m going to kill you”, and identify it was definitely my client.Ladies and Gentlemen if he did hear a voice it would seem like a muffle and he would not know it was my client who stated it.

If this doesn’t leave affordable doubt in your mind then I do not understand what will. Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no chance you can potentially have no sensible doubt in your mind. Do you honestly believe that all of these pieces of proof is that strong enough to leave no sensible doubt in your mind? Keep in mind if you vote guilty you are taking this young kid’s life far from him, and if u vote guilty with sensible doubt in your mind then you must be on trial for murder. Thank your for your time.

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